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The Snack Report: Lay’s Indian Tikka Masala Potato Chips

It seems that this year instead of the “Do Us A Flavor” contest Lays is doing the “Passport to Flavor” contest, with four new limited edition global flavored potato chips.  I guess they got tired of having to sort through entries like toenail fungus and unicorn meat and decided to send people away.  I’m not really all that interested in the contest itself, but some of the global inspired flavors have caught my attention.  First I want to take a minute to ask: where is our royalty check for the Greek Tzatziki flavor?  We suggested practically the same exact flavor (a potato chip where the main flavor is tzatziki sauce) in the Do Us A Flavor competition two years ago.  We didn’t even make it to the finals, and now here it is as a flavor.  Hmmm.  Anyway.  The other flavors are Chinese Szechuan Chicken, Indian Tikka Masala, and Brazilian Picanha.  The one that really caught my attention was the Indian Tikka Masala.  A treat that Erik and I both enjoy when we go to the Indian buffet is dipping the vegetable (including potato) pakora in the tikka masala sauce.  It’s really yummy.  So I was intrigued.  I had the feeling that this could be a good chip.  Erik was much more skeptical however, that they could really capture the essence of tikka in a potato chip.


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Food 101: How To Make Oven Fries

French fries are pretty much perfect. They’re delicious, easy to make, and it’s almost impossible to screw them up. The only real criticism you could make against them is that even though homemade fried foods aren’t inherently “bad” for you, they still are a few more calories compared to their baked counterparts. So if you’re looking for a diet-friendly alternative to french fries, there’s always oven fries!


Also, there’s potatoes. Just… raw-ass potatoes.

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Pizza Lab #36: Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza (Redux)

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. And in kitchens all over America, people are trying their damnedest to salvage their leftovers, reconstituting it back into a nice emulation of the delightful feast that took place four days ago. Or perhaps you couldn’t wait that long? Perhaps you figured that Friday is a lazy enough night to eat leftovers for dinner. That’s a possibility as well.

But no, there is a better destiny for your Thanksgiving leftovers… there is a greater cause they can be called to… one special dish that comes round but once a year, just like the aforementioned feast that inspired it. Longtime fans of PCFG may know what I speak of. Of course, that is Thanksgiving Pizza.



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The Snack Report: Lay’s Do Us a Flavor Finalists Part 2

Last week I reviewed two of the four 2015 Lay’s Do Us a Flavor finalists: Southern Biscuits and Gravy and Greektown Gryo. The Southern Biscuits and Gravy fared fairly well and the Greektown Gyro…did not. But there are still two more flavors to take into consideration before voting! This week I’ll review New York Reuben and West Coast Truffle Fries.


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Pizza Lab #30 : Breakfast Pizza

I’m sure I’m not the only one who still remembers the jingle that Bagel Bites used to use in their commercials: “Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time.  When pizza’s on a bagel you can have pizza any time.”  But I think we can all agree that pizza doesn’t have to be on a bagel to be eaten any time of day.  I fully own up to having eaten cold pizza for breakfast on occasion, and I know there’s others out there like me.  I suppose that means that any pizza could be a breakfast pizza if you eat it for breakfast.  But!  This month’s pizza lab is not just a pizza that you happened to eat for breakfast.  It is a breakfast pizza.

We’ve seen breakfast pizzas other places before but they’re not really breakfast food pizzas.  They’re more like brunch pizzas at best.  Most are more like flatbreads with some greens and cheese and maybe eggs on them.  We wanted to make a breakfast pizza that was actually inspired by breakfast foods.  Not stuff people pretend to like to eat for breakfast (spinach? No thank you…) but stuff people actually eat for breakfast (helloooo bacon).


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