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Cheat Codes: Helping Bread Last Longer

When you live with a bunch of other people, food tends to disappear rather quickly, and you don’t usually have to worry about it going bad before it gets eaten. But when you’re living on your own or with one other person, the food doesn’t fly out of the cupboard as fast anymore. Things that used to be gone in days can now take weeks to finish. And that can be a problem for perishable food items.  You don’t want to end up throwing away food you spent good money on. Luckily there are ways to help a lot of foods last longer. Today we’ll focus on bread.


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Pizza Lab #36: Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza (Redux)

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. And in kitchens all over America, people are trying their damnedest to salvage their leftovers, reconstituting it back into a nice emulation of the delightful feast that took place four days ago. Or perhaps you couldn’t wait that long? Perhaps you figured that Friday is a lazy enough night to eat leftovers for dinner. That’s a possibility as well.

But no, there is a better destiny for your Thanksgiving leftovers… there is a greater cause they can be called to… one special dish that comes round but once a year, just like the aforementioned feast that inspired it. Longtime fans of PCFG may know what I speak of. Of course, that is Thanksgiving Pizza.



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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe: Cranberry Pancakes

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You open your fridge and remember that it’s stuffed to the gills with leftovers. What do you do with it all? There are only so many sandwiches, burritos, and pizzas you can make. Never fear, we’re here to find even more ways for you to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers! This recipe features cranberry sauce. And by cranberry sauce I mean cranberry sauce that has whole cranberries in it. Not the pure jellied stuff. I’m not dissing the canned, jelly cranberry sauce, I have a soft spot for it in my heart, but it won’t work for this recipe.   You could also just toss in some smashed up cranberries if you want, but you’ll need to add extra sugar.

DSCF7751 (2)

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Quick Recipe: Loaded Potato Bacon Burrito

I’m not entirely sure why, but somehow over the past ten years or so baked potatoes just stopped existing. No, now you only have the option of eating “loaded potatoes”. I know, I know, restaurants started calling them loaded when they started piling sour cream and cheese and bacon bits on top of them, but I really don’t think that’s a recent invention. Not to mention the term “loaded” carries kind of a negative connotation… hell, just the word “load” is unpleasant. Most people heavily associate it with fatness or fecal matter. Like as in, that’s a load of shit. Or that guy is a real load.Or even that guy is just a real load of shit.

Nonetheless, that’s now what we’ve all come to associate baked potatoes with. A year or two ago, Taco Bell actually put out a series of these special, little burritos with cool flavor combos, one of which was the Loaded Potato Griller. Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure if they’re still around but from the little I tried of them, they were pretty yummy. Recently, I saw some leftover potatoes as a means to make these at home, since I’m big into leftovers and big into burritos. Obviously, transforming leftovers into a new meal is one of the biggest lessons we try to teach here, so the Taco Bell/burrito part is just icing on the cake. So yeah, here’s a recipe for making your own homemade Loaded Potato Grillers.


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Thanksgiving Leftovers Week: Thanksgiving Burrito

One of the more popular, but inoffensive tropes, associated with Thanksgiving is the idea of leftovers. Personally we at PCFG eat leftovers constantly, all year-round because they prevent wasted food and are great for saving money. I never understood why so many people were bothered by eating leftovers, but acted as though Thanksgiving dinner somehow produced magic, mystical leftovers that are physically different from others. No matter, though, we’re here to talk recipes and what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers. This being Thanksgiving Leftovers Week, we already covered grilled cheese, so now let’s get on board with a Thanksgiving burrito.

Leftovers utilized: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin puree


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