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Deep Dish, Twisted Food History! – Episode 12: History of Burritos!

In this super-stuffed episode of Deep Dish, we do a deep dive on all things burrito-related! How long have people been eating tortillas? What the hell is nixtamalization? Why is Taco Bell getting rid of all its menu?! All these answers and more await, if you can stomach this 2-hour-long behemoth!


  • Erik makes a confession about their dark past, as a Taco Bell addict.
  • Corn and tortillas have been around for a long time. A lonnnnnnng, long time. Like, a REALLY long time.
  • Exactly when did burritos get invented? That’s a tough question. When did they first enter our lexicon? Well, it started off in a Mexican dictionary!
  • Chipotle sucks. Chipotle is really stupid. We don’t like Chipotle. Find out why!
  • Another edition of Review Roast! for our favorite dim sum place, defending Red Tiger Dumpling House in Stonybrook from review trolls! (Spoilers: A lot of racists eat at Chinese restaurants!)

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Episode 19: Off Topic! Super Bowl Foods By State! Deep Dish: Twisted Food History!

In this off-topic episode of Deep Dish, we look at another Google Trends map which shows some interesting search results from different U.S. states related to what kinda Super Bowl foods they're looking to make! After this, we tear apart an op-ed written by possibly the richest, most spoiled douchebag on Planet Earth, who published an entire article complaining that his vacation to Hawaii, in the middle of a pandemic, had to be cancelled. We finish up with a mind-boggling edition of Shitty Old Recipes which makes up for its short ingredient list by being truly confusing.
  1. Episode 19: Off Topic! Super Bowl Foods By State!
  2. Episode 18: Gingerbread Men!
  3. Episode 17: Off Topic! Christmas Special!
  4. Episode 16: Chili Con Carne!
  5. Episode 15: Ranking Thanksgiving Foods!

Next time we’ll be serving up an episode focused solely around a single type of drink. This seasonal-favorite was invented in the early 2000s, but its origins go wayyy further back than that, thanks to its ingredients being a variety of rustic, long-cherished spices. Think you know what it is? Guess in the comments, and if you get it right, we’ll give you a great big shoutout in a future episode! Until then, stay hungry!


We Can Do It Better: Taco Bell Cheetos Burrito

It’s been a while since we last took on one of Taco Bell’s stoner-esque mashups, mostly because it’s been hard to keep up with them. Unfortunately for them, seems like their recipe devs may have hit a wall of some sort, given their latest limited edition menu item, the taco-burrito.

It’s just a rice-less burrito with some tortilla chips in it. Well done, lads.

A few of their other recent special products were a bit more inspired, however, such as the Cheetos burrito from mid-late 2016. For whatever reason, a bunch of random Cheetos mashup foods appeared on fast food menus, like the Cheetohs mac ‘n’ cheese sticks at Burger King, and Taco Bell also put out a Cheetos crunchwrap too. The burrito version meanwhile is the easiest to put together at home, provided you have some of the cheesy corn snacks on hand.

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Spices 101: What is Coriander? What is Cilantro?

I like to use the word coriander a lot when joking about high-class foods. Though coriander is yet another spice that sounds really complicated and fancy, but in reality isn’t as big a deal as one would think. It’s all in the name. It just sounds ritzy as hell. Four syllables, a bunch of vowels, doesn’t look like any other words… It has to be a big deal right? Weirdly enough, coriander is actually just the seeds of cilantro plants…



Origin: Asia
Appearance: Tan, spherical seeds / coarse, beige powder
Scent: Sweet, citric
Taste: Nutty, fresh, Spice-spicy
Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern cuisine
Rareness: Uncommon



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Quick Recipe: Pulled Pork Mango Burrito

I’m about to state an opinion that some people might not agree with, but here we go: pork isn’t really that good unless it’s slow cooked. There’s just something about the meat that needs the benefit of slow cooking to really sing. That being said, one of my favorite and easiest slow cooked pork recipes is pulled pork. It’s delicious and there are also almost always leftovers to use in different ways. One way I came up with to use up leftovers was to use it in a burrito. While places like Taco Bell don’t usually feature pork, at real Mexican restaurants you’ll generally find at least a few dishes featuring it. So while I’m in no way claiming this is an authentic Mexican dish, it’s not that far out there either.


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Cheat Codes: Save Your Condiment Containers For A Later Date!

Condiments are great.  Virtually every type of cuisine on the planet features some sort of condiments to go alongside its dishes. If variety is the spice of life, then condiments are the spice of food. Well… you know, besides actual spices. Afterall, french fries are pointless without ketchup and chicken fingers without honey mustard is a crime against humanity. But let’s face it, the vast majority of sauces and dressings we use are liquids that don’t hold up against the almighty force of gravity. Sure you can pour your favorite salsa out onto a plate and thrash your corn tortillas around in it like some sort of gluten intolerant caveman, but why do that when you can do better?


For reals. Don’t be save. Not cool dude.

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