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Cheat Codes: How To Make A Tostada Meal

People who are following PCFG may remember tostadas, from our post on how to make your own Crunchwrap from Taco Bell. They’re a lightly fried, crispy, corn tortilla that somewhat resemble a giant tortilla chip or a flat taco shell. They work really well for a number of different simple dishes or recipes.

But wait, actually, a tostada is also just the name of a meal in Mexican cuisine. Shit, this might be confusing. (Actually, it’s pretty simple. It’s made out of the aforementioned tostadas, and can  be prepared in minutes.)


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Quick Recipe: Taco-Style Shredded Chicken

One of the recipes I’m proudest for creating from scratch, by myself, is for a taco-style shredded chicken. Lots of people have requested we put it up on the blog, and here it is finally. It’s got the littlest, tiniest bit of kick to it, but even people who don’t like spicy foods will have no problems eating. Taste-wise, it’s got a dark, spiceful flavor that’s kind of similar to buffalo sauce, but different enough. You can place it in tacos, burritos, salads, sandwiches, or just eat it plain! It’s that good. You can make a large batch of it pretty easily, and take from it over the span of a week or two, so it’s ultra handy.

As a heads up, you’re best bet would be to buy a rotisserie chicken from the supermarket, and shred that, as I mentioned in my post about pulled/shredded meats. It’s fast, simple, and best of all cheap!


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Quick Recipe: Chicken Fingers Burrito

So now that you know how to make your own homemade chicken fingers, you’re gonna be making a shit ton of them at home. But oh no, you suddenly find yourself with this tremendous influx of heavenly ambrosia and can’t eat it all. What do? WHAT DO?

Obviously, you make a burrito.


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Cheat Codes: How to Make Homemade Chipotle Ranch

Chipotle ranch is a great condiment.  It’s delicious as spread on sandwiches, in burritos, and even as a dipping sauce (especially for onion rings).  Yet despite its rising popularity over the past few years, it can sometimes be annoyingly difficult to find chipotle ranch in stores.  And then even when you find it, it can sometimes be stupidly expensive.  So what are those of us on a budget supposed to do when we crave that smoky, tangy goodness?  Make our own of course!


Mix these together…


…and you get magic.

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Cheat Codes: Tips For Reheating Rice

Rice is a big staple in many cultures’ diets. Pretty much everyone outside of Europe has been dumping rice on the sides of their plates since basically forever. And in modern day, everyone eats rice. That’s right, everyone. Even gluten-free people. With good reason too! Rice is a really effective side-dish, is easy to prepare, and unless you’ve got blood-sugar disorders it’s pretty innocuous in your diet. Interesting fact I learned a couple years ago, all you Italians out there, know how your mother/grandmother would whip up a pot of sauce on Sunday, then you’d just use that sauce all week for different dishes? Many Asian families have done the same thing in a similar manner using a pot of rice. Call me a traitor, but I forgo the pot of sauce, and instead use the weekly rice batch for my own meals ranging from burritos to curries. Rice is great and versatile, but actually come to think of it, there’s a lot of people who aren’t really sure how to heat it up correctly.


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