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Cheat Codes: Make Sticky Rice Easy, Using A Rice Cooker

Sticky rice goes by a few names, since it has a few different varieties with minuscule differences. Sweet rice, sticky rice, glutinous rice, etc… They all have similar food applications, and have odd cooking requirements that can make them a chore to bother with, when you can slap together a bowl of plain ol’ white rice in like 20 minutes. Fear not! For all you out there who own a rice cooker, there’s hope!

Sticky, sticky, hope.

Sticky, sticky, hope.

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Youtube Video: Quiet Cooking – Fried Rice

So in case you haven’t heard, Poor Couple’s Food Guide is officially on Youtube now! We’ve already posted quite a few videos on there for you to enjoy, and look forward to getting our content to you in video form as well. BUT don’t worry! The Youtube channel is not going to be a replacement for PCFG on the web. Nothing will ever be exclusive to our videos, and we will continue to bring you a few posts per week like we always have. None of that will change! Our Youtube vids will simply be a supplement to the already existing content on the site, which will never go away. Which brings me to our latest video…

One of our series we’re debuting on the channel is a line we like to call Quiet Cooking. Ever feel the need for some nice, ambient, background noises? Some people take solace in the sounds of the kitchen, finding it to be very soothing. If you’re one of those people who just loves to sit back and enjoy some good environmental soundscapes like that, you’ll be pleased to know we here at PCFG are lookin’ out for you. These videos are not just for relaxing though! We’ll still use them as a means to give tips and tutorials on cooking, including a full recipe. So check out this premiere episode of Quiet Cooking. And if you’re the type of person into relaxation videos or ASMR or ambient noise, we do have an extended version of the video that’s a full 22 minutes long on our channel. Enjoy!

Cheat Codes: Tips For Reheating Rice

Rice is a big staple in many cultures’ diets. Pretty much everyone outside of Europe has been dumping rice on the sides of their plates since basically forever. And in modern day, everyone eats rice. That’s right, everyone. Even gluten-free people. With good reason too! Rice is a really effective side-dish, is easy to prepare, and unless you’ve got blood-sugar disorders it’s pretty innocuous in your diet. Interesting fact I learned a couple years ago, all you Italians out there, know how your mother/grandmother would whip up a pot of sauce on Sunday, then you’d just use that sauce all week for different dishes? Many Asian families have done the same thing in a similar manner using a pot of rice. Call me a traitor, but I forgo the pot of sauce, and instead use the weekly rice batch for my own meals ranging from burritos to curries. Rice is great and versatile, but actually come to think of it, there’s a lot of people who aren’t really sure how to heat it up correctly.


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Quick Recipe: Easy Rice Pilaf

Rice pilaf is a pretty wide open dish with lots of variations, so pinpointing it as one recipe can be tricky. Personally I like to keep it simple and forgo the numerous vegetables, meats, nuts, and other foodstuffs that more complex recipes usually call for. This recipe produces a light but tasty rice dish that’s great alongside meats and veggies, but tastes so good, you can just eat it on its own and still enjoy it. Personally, I always make it alongside Chicken Tikka and other chicken dishes with lots of spices involved.




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