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Quick Recipe: Kare-Raisu (Japanese Curry) カレーライス (Simple Version!)

So we’ve covered Japanese curry before on PCFG. But if you’ve looked at that recipe already, you may have found it a bit intimidating. It calls for some random foodstuffs and has about 72,000 total ingredients. But what if you’re craving some sweet, sweet curry but don’t want to go all-out? Well, you can buy a packet of curry starter-sauce, okay… But hey hang on, you may just have all the ingredients lying around for this simpler version of it!


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Pizza Lab #43: Grilled Corn Pizza

Somehow we let the month of June slip by us without doing a Pizza Lab.  We’re still not entirely sure what happened, but it did; we let you and ourselves down.  So we definitely couldn’t let another month go by.  We were going to stay on top of things and get it done early in the month!  We had ideas of doing a red, white, and blue pizza for the 4th of July.  Yet somehow we ended up just getting around to doing Pizza Lab last week.  Where does the time keep going?  We decided too much time had passed since the 4th of July for red, white, and blue pizza to be relevant, so we opted instead for a summery pizza.

There are many classic summer-time foods.  One such food is corn on the cob.  Sure you can get frozen or canned corn year round, but good corn for eating off the cob is only available from around the 4th of July until Columbus Day.  Perhaps these dates are shifted a little in other parts of the country, but here on Long Island at least, that’s the time to hit up the farm stands and get yourself some local corn.  Erik is currently in the throes of his annual grilled corn obsession, so it’s no surprise we ended up featuring it on a pizza.  It took a lot of brainstorming to figure out what else to put on the pizza other than corn though.


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The Snack Report: Campbell’s Super Mario Chicken Noodle Soup

There’s something about specially-branded/shaped foods of your favorite characters that just makes life that much more bearable. Many of you probably grew up, knowing the whimsy of seeing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle shaped mac ‘n’ cheese. And by whimsy, I mean “absolutely losing your shit”. Sure, these cherished foods aren’t always the healthiest option, but as a fun treat once in a while, nothing quite beats the feeling of putting your Batman into your mouth

Wait. That came out wrong. Or did it?

At any rate, I’d like to present the following for all our fellow Nintendo fans:


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Food 101: How To Make A Roast Chicken

Everyone likes chicken. That’s a fact of life. Even vegetarians like chicken, they’re just morally opposed the consumption of it (and even then it seems like most will admit chicken is the least morally objectionable of meats to consume). As far as I can tell there’s no religions specifically forbidding its consumption either. So yeah, chicken is like totally the best. And there’s a billion different ways to prepare it. We’ve talked about at least a hundred and fifty thousand of those ways, but today we’re gonna go back to where it all began and discuss the classic, basic dish of a simple roast chicken.



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Youtube Video: Quiet Cooking – Fried Rice

So in case you haven’t heard, Poor Couple’s Food Guide is officially on Youtube now! We’ve already posted quite a few videos on there for you to enjoy, and look forward to getting our content to you in video form as well. BUT don’t worry! The Youtube channel is not going to be a replacement for PCFG on the web. Nothing will ever be exclusive to our videos, and we will continue to bring you a few posts per week like we always have. None of that will change! Our Youtube vids will simply be a supplement to the already existing content on the site, which will never go away. Which brings me to our latest video…

One of our series we’re debuting on the channel is a line we like to call Quiet Cooking. Ever feel the need for some nice, ambient, background noises? Some people take solace in the sounds of the kitchen, finding it to be very soothing. If you’re one of those people who just loves to sit back and enjoy some good environmental soundscapes like that, you’ll be pleased to know we here at PCFG are lookin’ out for you. These videos are not just for relaxing though! We’ll still use them as a means to give tips and tutorials on cooking, including a full recipe. So check out this premiere episode of Quiet Cooking. And if you’re the type of person into relaxation videos or ASMR or ambient noise, we do have an extended version of the video that’s a full 22 minutes long on our channel. Enjoy!