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Quick Recipe: Avocado Breakfast Toast

Most mornings I’m satisfied having a bagel, cereal, or oatmeal for breakfast. But some mornings I just wake up wanting more. When that happens I usually turn to eggs. They’re yummy, full of protein, and fast to make. But eating just scrambled or over easy eggs with buttered toast can get boring. That means it’s time to mix things up! On the particular morning that I came up with this I happened to have half of an avocado lying around that I wanted to use before it went bad, so I proceeded from there.

DSCF7430 (2)

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We Can Do it Better: Loaded Fries

As much as we may try to eat healthy, sometimes we all just crave some good old fashioned junk food.  If you’re like us that usually occurs sometime around 1 in the morning.  But time of day isn’t really that important.  The main point I’m trying to make is that when you do have that junk food craving, try to resist the urge to go out and buy the junkiest food from a restaurant or fast food place.  Because you can, actually make junk food yourself at home that, while not necessarily healthy, will certainly still be better for you than something you purchase out.

Homer Simpson is sometimes everyone's spirit animal.

Homer Simpson is sometimes everyone’s spirit animal.

This brings us to loaded fries.  I will fully admit that some places have awesome loaded fries.  But there are also a lot of less than great loaded fries out there.  Between soggy, limp fries and questionable cheese sauces, ordering loaded fries can be very hit or miss.  Luckily they’re super easy to make at home.  And while they’re never really going to be good for you, when you make them yourself you have control over what all gets added to them, and that’s always a good thing.

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Pizza Lab #30 : Breakfast Pizza

I’m sure I’m not the only one who still remembers the jingle that Bagel Bites used to use in their commercials: “Pizza in the morning, pizza in the evening, pizza at supper time.  When pizza’s on a bagel you can have pizza any time.”  But I think we can all agree that pizza doesn’t have to be on a bagel to be eaten any time of day.  I fully own up to having eaten cold pizza for breakfast on occasion, and I know there’s others out there like me.  I suppose that means that any pizza could be a breakfast pizza if you eat it for breakfast.  But!  This month’s pizza lab is not just a pizza that you happened to eat for breakfast.  It is a breakfast pizza.

We’ve seen breakfast pizzas other places before but they’re not really breakfast food pizzas.  They’re more like brunch pizzas at best.  Most are more like flatbreads with some greens and cheese and maybe eggs on them.  We wanted to make a breakfast pizza that was actually inspired by breakfast foods.  Not stuff people pretend to like to eat for breakfast (spinach? No thank you…) but stuff people actually eat for breakfast (helloooo bacon).


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Quick Recipe: Loaded Potato Bacon Burrito

I’m not entirely sure why, but somehow over the past ten years or so baked potatoes just stopped existing. No, now you only have the option of eating “loaded potatoes”. I know, I know, restaurants started calling them loaded when they started piling sour cream and cheese and bacon bits on top of them, but I really don’t think that’s a recent invention. Not to mention the term “loaded” carries kind of a negative connotation… hell, just the word “load” is unpleasant. Most people heavily associate it with fatness or fecal matter. Like as in, that’s a load of shit. Or that guy is a real load.Or even that guy is just a real load of shit.

Nonetheless, that’s now what we’ve all come to associate baked potatoes with. A year or two ago, Taco Bell actually put out a series of these special, little burritos with cool flavor combos, one of which was the Loaded Potato Griller. Admittedly, I’m not entirely sure if they’re still around but from the little I tried of them, they were pretty yummy. Recently, I saw some leftover potatoes as a means to make these at home, since I’m big into leftovers and big into burritos. Obviously, transforming leftovers into a new meal is one of the biggest lessons we try to teach here, so the Taco Bell/burrito part is just icing on the cake. So yeah, here’s a recipe for making your own homemade Loaded Potato Grillers.


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Quick Recipe: Easy Chipotle Chicken Club

Sandwiches are a magical food. They’re delicious and handy. Yet they come in every variety possible, limited only by your imagination. I consider myself a sandwich connoisseur of sorts and am always crafting new ones for lunch. This one was inspired by one I eat frequently at a local restaurant. I took my own spin on it and was pleased with the results enough to share the recipe.

Chipotle ranch is slowly growing in popularity. It’s nothing new, but it’s certainly hit it big over the past decade thanks to its pairing with sandwiches and onion rings. This particular chicken sandwich is relatively smooth thanks to the addition of french fries, however don’t think that that means it’s bland. Chipotle ranch and cheddar are an awesome combination, and form something with formidable tang, without being too in your face. Your choice of chicken depends on personal preference, but I recommend using breaded cutlets since the breading adds some more flavor. Best of all, this sandwich in general can be made with mostly things lying around the house. Nothing too luxurious. That makes it perfect for throwing together as a quick lunch or even dinner!




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