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Food 101: How To Make Oven Fries

French fries are pretty much perfect. They’re delicious, easy to make, and it’s almost impossible to screw them up. The only real criticism you could make against them is that even though homemade fried foods aren’t inherently “bad” for you, they still are a few more calories compared to their baked counterparts. So if you’re looking for a diet-friendly alternative to french fries, there’s always oven fries!


Also, there’s potatoes. Just… raw-ass potatoes.

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We Can Do it Better: Loaded Fries

As much as we may try to eat healthy, sometimes we all just crave some good old fashioned junk food.  If you’re like us that usually occurs sometime around 1 in the morning.  But time of day isn’t really that important.  The main point I’m trying to make is that when you do have that junk food craving, try to resist the urge to go out and buy the junkiest food from a restaurant or fast food place.  Because you can, actually make junk food yourself at home that, while not necessarily healthy, will certainly still be better for you than something you purchase out.

Homer Simpson is sometimes everyone's spirit animal.

Homer Simpson is sometimes everyone’s spirit animal.

This brings us to loaded fries.  I will fully admit that some places have awesome loaded fries.  But there are also a lot of less than great loaded fries out there.  Between soggy, limp fries and questionable cheese sauces, ordering loaded fries can be very hit or miss.  Luckily they’re super easy to make at home.  And while they’re never really going to be good for you, when you make them yourself you have control over what all gets added to them, and that’s always a good thing.

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Cheat Codes: Save Your Used Fry Oil

I think I’ve mentioned before on here that fried foods get a bad rep. Sure, if you roll on down to Burger King and wolf down two boxes of fries, then yeah that’s a bad idea. But homemade food that’s fried in healthy oils and served fresh can be pretty innocuous when it comes to their nutritional content. When cooked properly, homemade chicken fingers or french fries can contain very little oil left on them, and the little bit that’s there will mostly contain healthy, unsaturated fats with virtually no cholesterol.

But obviously the downside here is that buying healthy oils like canola can be a bit more on the expensive side. Fortunately, there’s a really easy way to cut down on its costs: saving your used oil after you finish frying.



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Recipe Time! Apple Fries

Sometimes we know exactly how we came up with the idea for some of our recipes. This was not one of those times.  We can’t remember what inspired us to try making apple fries, just that one day they appeared on our list of food experiments.  Though it isn’t a stretch to assume that it originated out of Erik’s love of apples.  And boy am I glad we did come up with this idea.  These may be one of my new favorite fall desserts.  Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside…sweet, tart…they’re so many awesome combinations in one.

Burger King has apple fries, but we all know they’re not really fries. They’re just apple sticks.  They just call them apple fries to trick small children into eating fruit.  These, my friends…these are apple fries.

These apples know their destiny, and they are proud to accept that fate.

These apples know their destiny, and they are proud to accept that fate.

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Quick Recipe: Easy Chipotle Chicken Club

Sandwiches are a magical food. They’re delicious and handy. Yet they come in every variety possible, limited only by your imagination. I consider myself a sandwich connoisseur of sorts and am always crafting new ones for lunch. This one was inspired by one I eat frequently at a local restaurant. I took my own spin on it and was pleased with the results enough to share the recipe.

Chipotle ranch is slowly growing in popularity. It’s nothing new, but it’s certainly hit it big over the past decade thanks to its pairing with sandwiches and onion rings. This particular chicken sandwich is relatively smooth thanks to the addition of french fries, however don’t think that that means it’s bland. Chipotle ranch and cheddar are an awesome combination, and form something with formidable tang, without being too in your face. Your choice of chicken depends on personal preference, but I recommend using breaded cutlets since the breading adds some more flavor. Best of all, this sandwich in general can be made with mostly things lying around the house. Nothing too luxurious. That makes it perfect for throwing together as a quick lunch or even dinner!




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