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Deep Dish, Twisted Food History! – Podcast Episode 15: Off Topic Thanksgiving Food Ranking!

In this off topic episode we’re getting ready for food’s biggest holiday – Thanksgiving!  We’re ranking traditional Thanksgiving foods to determine the best and the worst of the bunch.  No history this episode, just a good old fashioned battle between foods to see who comes out on top.  Which food will reach God tier status?  Which food will be the bottom of the barrel?  Listen now to find out!


  • A brief discussion of how Halloween went. 
  • A disagreement over what tier cranberry sauce belongs in.
  • Can we all at least agree that sweet potato casserole is the WORST Thanksgiving food of all time? (Which is sad because sweet potatoes are one of the best vegetables of all time!)
  • A last minute change in the rankings!
  • Another edition of the classic dessert segment Shitty Old Recipes!  This one manages to have Erik almost completely stumped.

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Episode 19: Off Topic! Super Bowl Foods By State! Deep Dish: Twisted Food History!

In this off-topic episode of Deep Dish, we look at another Google Trends map which shows some interesting search results from different U.S. states related to what kinda Super Bowl foods they're looking to make! After this, we tear apart an op-ed written by possibly the richest, most spoiled douchebag on Planet Earth, who published an entire article complaining that his vacation to Hawaii, in the middle of a pandemic, had to be cancelled. We finish up with a mind-boggling edition of Shitty Old Recipes which makes up for its short ingredient list by being truly confusing.
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Pizza Lab #36: Thanksgiving Leftovers Pizza (Redux)

Thanksgiving has come and gone once again. And in kitchens all over America, people are trying their damnedest to salvage their leftovers, reconstituting it back into a nice emulation of the delightful feast that took place four days ago. Or perhaps you couldn’t wait that long? Perhaps you figured that Friday is a lazy enough night to eat leftovers for dinner. That’s a possibility as well.

But no, there is a better destiny for your Thanksgiving leftovers… there is a greater cause they can be called to… one special dish that comes round but once a year, just like the aforementioned feast that inspired it. Longtime fans of PCFG may know what I speak of. Of course, that is Thanksgiving Pizza.



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Thanksgiving Leftover Recipe: Cranberry Pancakes

It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You open your fridge and remember that it’s stuffed to the gills with leftovers. What do you do with it all? There are only so many sandwiches, burritos, and pizzas you can make. Never fear, we’re here to find even more ways for you to use up your Thanksgiving leftovers! This recipe features cranberry sauce. And by cranberry sauce I mean cranberry sauce that has whole cranberries in it. Not the pure jellied stuff. I’m not dissing the canned, jelly cranberry sauce, I have a soft spot for it in my heart, but it won’t work for this recipe.   You could also just toss in some smashed up cranberries if you want, but you’ll need to add extra sugar.

DSCF7751 (2)

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Thanksgiving Quick Recipe: Fried Cauliflower

One recipe my family has passed around for longer than I’ve been born is for breaded, fried cauliflower. I don’t know why. From what I’ve read, it seems to be more of a common thing in Middle Eastern cuisine. My family is mostly Italian, so I’m not quite sure where the crossover came from. Perhaps because cauliflower itself is a Mediterranean vegetable, and Italians really enjoy breading stuff then frying them. Who knows. Oh well, it’s a really delicious and simple way to prepare one of the more “out-there” veggies.



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Thanksgiving Leftovers Week: Savory Pumpkin Spread

Our last entry in Thanksgiving Leftovers Week is a quick, useful, little recipe which creates an interesting condiment that’s surprisingly good. If you’ve gone through the trouble of roasting your own pumpkins or just used canned puree, and have some leftover, your first reaction is to panic and OH GOD WHAT DO I DO WITH THIS SMALL AMOUNT OF PUMPKIN?! Pumpkin puree is an interesting ingredient in that while it’s yummy and tastes great in pumpkin pies, most people don’t know what the hell to do with it outside of that. That’s where this recipe comes in handy. Similar to guacamole, this savory pumpkin spread is great for dipping or as a sauce on and in other dishes. Try it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Leftovers Utilized: Pumpkin puree, spices(?)


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