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Thanksgiving Leftovers Week: Thanksgiving Burrito

One of the more popular, but inoffensive tropes, associated with Thanksgiving is the idea of leftovers. Personally we at PCFG eat leftovers constantly, all year-round because they prevent wasted food and are great for saving money. I never understood why so many people were bothered by eating leftovers, but acted as though Thanksgiving dinner somehow produced magic, mystical leftovers that are physically different from others. No matter, though, we’re here to talk recipes and what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers. This being Thanksgiving Leftovers Week, we already covered grilled cheese, so now let’s get on board with a Thanksgiving burrito.

Leftovers utilized: turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, pumpkin puree


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Thanksgiving Leftovers Week: Cranberry Turkey Grilled Cheese

If Thanksgiving was held at your house, you likely have a ton of leftovers taking over your fridge.  While Thanksgiving foods are undeniably delicious, you don’t necessarily want to eat Thanksgiving dinner every night for a week.  That means it’s time to get creative!

I don’t normally include meats in my grilled cheese sandwiches.  I feel like once you start adding too many ingredients it veers too close to panini territory (which are yummy but their own thing).  However, in an effort to use up Thanksgiving leftovers I made an exception this time.  I contemplated adding stuffing as well, but feared it would be too bready, and also would take too long to warm up in the middle, and result in burnt bread.

 Leftovers utilized: turkey, cranberry sauce


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Thanksgiving Roundup

Contrary to how it may seem, what with Christmas things being aired since Halloween, there is indeed a holiday this week.  That’s right – Thanksgiving is this Thursday!  Thanksgiving is a holiday that can strike fear into those who don’t really know how to cook, since food is a major part of the celebration.  But we’re here to help.  While we’re not tackling hosting our own Thanksgiving dinner yet, we figured we would put together a collection of our Thanksgiving recipes and posts for anyone looking for some tips on how to make easy Thanksgiving dishes.

One of the most important parts of a Thanksgiving meal, aside from the turkey, is obviously your gravy. Find out how you can make it in just 5 minutes!


Food 101: How To Make Turkey/Chicken Gravy

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Food 101: How To Make Basic Chicken/Turkey Gravy From The Pan

Thanksgiving is around the corner, so that means one thing is on most chef’s minds: turkey. Turkey is quintessential to a Thanksgiving meal, and yet where would it be without the sweet nectar that we know as gravy? That sauce made from pan drippings and spices can take any meat from good to awesome instantly, and it requires minimal effort to make in most cases. There’s a couple of slightly different ways to make it, but they all utilize the same basic ingredients and general preparation once you acquire the aforementioned drippings. Making gravy from scratch is easy and tastes a lot better than jar gravy, so it’s definitely a skill you should keep in your cooking holster.

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Pizza Lab #12: Pumpkin Pie Pizza

Pizza Lab is a fun theoretical column in which Meg A. and Erik S. explore their innermost passion for baking and eating pizzas. It exists purely for the sake of experimenting in the kitchen. It may not necessarily be cost-effective everytime, so don’t try this at home kids.

Poor, poor Thanksgiving. It gets the shaft compared to many of the big holidays. While once a celebration of being humble and grateful for what you have in your life, regardless of any lifestyle or belief or faction, it has instead devolved into a tradition of cramming as much food down your throat as physically possible and then complaining about it later. It’s a shame considering it’s one of my favorite holidays due to the rustic nature and themes going on in its season. But unfortunately consumerism and merchandising companies have decided to rename Thanksgiving Day to Get Great Black Friday Deals With Doorbusters Savings Starting 5PM Thursday Day. For the rest of us who still love the message of the holiday, there’s still much joy to be had in all the various traditional, yummy foods that we partake in. As mentioned from time to time, Meg and I already did a Thanksgiving pizza earlier this year (in May for some reason), so if we wanted to do a timely Pizza Lab, we had to be creative. The product was another dessert pizza that fit well into the Thanksgiving season.

Erik: Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, and Thanksgiving Pizza was definitely one of my favorites that we made. But why on Earth did we have to go and make it in May? Haha.
Meg: Yeah, that was kind of a bad call on our part. But we were young and excited about fun pizza choices. We weren’t thinking ahead.
Erik: Ah well. In the very least, it led to our latest experiment, Pumpkin Pie Pizza.
Meg: Yup! While we never originally intended our pizza labs to correspond to the occasions surrounding their creation, it kind of just happened naturally. In the summer we were in the mood for grilled pizza, in November we wanted pumpkin pie.
Erik: That doesn’t sound unintentional to me… Heh.
Meg: Well you know what I mean. When we started pizza lab it wasn’t like, “We must make a pizza that corresponds to its proper month.” Though if we had the original Thanksgiving pizza probably wouldn’t have been in April.
Erik: What a sad thought! To have been deprived of it until just now…
Meg: True. It’s for the best we made it when we did.

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