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Quick Recipe: Pulled Pork Grilled Cheese

Pulled pork is delicious, and definitely worth the wait of it cooking in the slow cooker, but unless you’re cooking for a crowd, you’ll probably have leftover.  I’ve already made a burrito to use up leftover pulled pork.  But one way of using up leftovers is not enough!  Thus, pulled pork grilled cheese was born.  Now as I believe I’ve mentioned before, I normally don’t include meat in my grilled cheese sandwiches.  If you start loading it up with too much stuff it loses its distinction as grilled cheese and becomes just a sandwich.  I made an exception this time for two reasons.  One, there was pretty much just the perfect amount of the pork left for a grilled cheese sized sandwich and two, there’s still twice as much cheese as pork.  Also I was kind of inspired by a pulled pork sandwich I had in a restaurant recently that was topped with a cheese sauce.

DSCF6272 (2)

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Cheese Review: Wildspitz

Cheese is probably up there as one of my favorite foods. Fancy cheeses can be expensive, but every now and then Erik and I like to treat ourselves to a new cheese. This time we decided on Wildspitz.

Wildspitz originates near the Swiss Alps and is made up of a mix of cow and goat milk. The most notable feature of this cheese is its smell. Yes, it is a smelly cheese. What makes it kind of nice though is that you can actually kind of control the levels of funk. If you want to really experience all this cheese has to offer, let it sit out at room temperature for a bit before eating and let it get nice and stinky. However if you’re not as much into the funk, you can eat it cold straight from the fridge and it has just a mild bit of smell, not too much more than say a provolone. If you do this you may not get the full depth of flavor but it could be a good way to ease into the funk.


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Food 101: How To Make A Homemade Quesadilla

The grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a classic. Everyone’s eaten one at some point in their life, provided they’re in a financially stable enough position to afford sandwiches (those who aren’t, let us hold a moment of silence for them). The combination of cheese and bread is simple enough, and yet it is closely related to another all-time favorite: the quesadilla.

Little do you realize these two mystical food items are actually closely related, near one in the same. Think about it, now. The grilled cheese is two slices of bread with cheese inside, grilled to melt the cheese. A quesadilla is two tortillas with cheese inside, grilled to melt the cheese. Whoaaaaa, it’salmostlikethey’rehtesamethinggg!!

Who wants to make one? Yeah, everyone does.


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Thanksgiving Leftovers Week: Cranberry Turkey Grilled Cheese

If Thanksgiving was held at your house, you likely have a ton of leftovers taking over your fridge.  While Thanksgiving foods are undeniably delicious, you don’t necessarily want to eat Thanksgiving dinner every night for a week.  That means it’s time to get creative!

I don’t normally include meats in my grilled cheese sandwiches.  I feel like once you start adding too many ingredients it veers too close to panini territory (which are yummy but their own thing).  However, in an effort to use up Thanksgiving leftovers I made an exception this time.  I contemplated adding stuffing as well, but feared it would be too bready, and also would take too long to warm up in the middle, and result in burnt bread.

 Leftovers utilized: turkey, cranberry sauce


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Quick Recipe: Creamed Spinach Grilled Cheese

I know this sounds like kind of a strange sandwich, and it probably is, but stick with me on this one.  Despite being a national chain, Boston Market has my favorite creamed spinach around.  I’m not sure how they do it, but it’s just really good.  It’s not too cream-y, not too spinach-y and it just tastes good.  We somehow had some leftover at my house the other day, and I really wanted to eat some of it for lunch, but I didn’t want to just sit there eating creamed spinach because that wouldn’t be a very satisfying lunch.  So I decided to make a sandwich out of it.  And it was really good!  You can use whatever creamed spinach you like, it doesn’t have to be Boston Market, but I can’t guarantee it will work as well (additionally, if you want to use fresh spinach leaves instead that’d probably work too.  I’d recommend using baby spinach leaves though).


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