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Quick Recipe: Creamed Spinach Grilled Cheese

I know this sounds like kind of a strange sandwich, and it probably is, but stick with me on this one.  Despite being a national chain, Boston Market has my favorite creamed spinach around.  I’m not sure how they do it, but it’s just really good.  It’s not too cream-y, not too spinach-y and it just tastes good.  We somehow had some leftover at my house the other day, and I really wanted to eat some of it for lunch, but I didn’t want to just sit there eating creamed spinach because that wouldn’t be a very satisfying lunch.  So I decided to make a sandwich out of it.  And it was really good!  You can use whatever creamed spinach you like, it doesn’t have to be Boston Market, but I can’t guarantee it will work as well (additionally, if you want to use fresh spinach leaves instead that’d probably work too.  I’d recommend using baby spinach leaves though).


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Pizza Lab #20: Raspberry Tart Pizza

One of my favorite pastimes of the Summer is eating fruit straight off the bushes at my parents’ house. I could make a quick breakfast or even lunch just out of foraging around the yard. And no, they don’t live in some remote backwoods town deep within the Ozarks, they live right here in Patchogue on Long Island. The suburbs. 10 minutes away from a frigging Wal-mart. But! There’s everything ranging from blueberries to raspberries to apples to pears growing there; their property is a lesson on the virtues of planting edible landscaping when you finally own a home. Of course that’s an article for a different time, but for now we’ll dive into this edition of Pizza Lab, which was fashioned from the fresh, organic, homegrown raspberries I bring up.




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