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Thanksgiving Leftovers Week: Cranberry Turkey Grilled Cheese

If Thanksgiving was held at your house, you likely have a ton of leftovers taking over your fridge.  While Thanksgiving foods are undeniably delicious, you don’t necessarily want to eat Thanksgiving dinner every night for a week.  That means it’s time to get creative!

I don’t normally include meats in my grilled cheese sandwiches.  I feel like once you start adding too many ingredients it veers too close to panini territory (which are yummy but their own thing).  However, in an effort to use up Thanksgiving leftovers I made an exception this time.  I contemplated adding stuffing as well, but feared it would be too bready, and also would take too long to warm up in the middle, and result in burnt bread.

 Leftovers utilized: turkey, cranberry sauce


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