Support PCFG’s entry in the Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” sweepstakes!

Last year Lay’s rocked the munchies world by launching a contest where people could submit ideas for new potato chip flavors. After the dust settled, the winner was Karen Mendham’s Cheese Garlic Bread flavor. We here at PCFG have tried them in the past few months and they seem to deserve the win, definitely having a cheese/garlic flavor to them.

Fast forward to present day, Lay’s is once again opening the floodgates for people to post all manners of stupid ideas, ranging from bacon doughnut to seviche to cinnamon sugar. Meg A. and I recently came up with our own idea and decided to submit it. That’s right, Poor Couple’s Food Guide is officially throwing our hat into the ring, with our idea for Tzatziki Gyro flavored potato chips! The idea is inspired from our mutual love for eating french fries dipped in tzatziki sauce while getting gyros. Now obviously, as a nationwide sweepstakes, the odds of winning are hilariously low. That’s why we ask you to give us some help and support our flavor on both Lay’s website and on Facebook.

If we make it to the finals, then YOU get to buy the flavor in stores when the other finalists are released in retail for final voting. So don’t do it for us, do it for yourselves!


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