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Food 101: How To Make Homemade Potato Pancakes / Latkes Easy

It’s long been a tradition in my family that come Christmastime, my parents have family and friends over for a traditional German meal. One thing that always confused me however was the addition of homemade potato pancakes, also known as latkes. Generally most people associate them with Hannukah and Jewish people. Not for nothin’, but we’re all Christian in my family, so I never really got the connection. Fast-forward to me being an adult and having a more worldly view of, well, the world; I discovered that potato pancakes actually share a pretty wide open history, being eaten by lots of cultures. Specifically, Germany has a big history of eating potato pancakes. Suddenly, everything made sense to me. And by everything, I mean the fact my parents were serving them at a German meal. No matter whether you’re Jewish or German or whatever, latkes are delicious. Spoilers: They’re also incredibly easy to make.


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Easy Recipe: Homemade Battered French Fries

There’s a lot of reasons to like french fries. They’re cheap, they’re easy to make, they’re simple, and more importantly they’re delicious. A good french fry is a philosophical quandary of the culinary arts in that it can operate as both a side to any meal on the planet, but can also be it’s own meal. Sure, when some people bring up french fries, they think of the inconsistent pieces of yellow cardboard served by the likes of McDonalds and Burger King which can range from limp and greasy to starchy and dried out. Yet there is a whole world of fries out there to be had, and all one must do is dine at a few restaurants to notice. Certain types go for the golden and juicy variety, some are crusty with a bit of a zing, and some are just down-homey and simple. Everyone’s got their own way of making them, and most are delicious. Plain and simple, french fries are bangin’, as they say.

See how bangin' they are?

See how bangin’ they are?

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Mashed Potatoes Made Simple and Easy. Or Fancy! (But still easy!)

Everyone knows I’m a pretty big opponent of pre-made foods. One of the more common ones is the longtime favorite mashed potatoes. Fluffy, savory delight made of cream and tender potatoes… yet most people make it out of a brownish dust that came out of a box, reassured mostly by the fact it features a picture of the state of Idaho on it. Our better judgment try and tell us no, for mashed potatoes are whipped, creamy goodness, and how could they come from a powder? But our laziness and gullibility force us to buy into the potato dust hype, since as we all know Idaho loves potatoes. They love potatoes.

"It makes great lube."

“It makes greeeat lube.”

Instant mashed potatoes aren’t the worst thing in the world, and I will submit that they get the job done if you’re cooking en masse and don’t have the time to prepare the real deal. But unless you find yourself preparing a potato feast for 50+ people, you really don’t have much of an excuse, since homemade takes about 30 minutes, most of which time is just the potatoes boiling, and you not actually doing anything.

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Snack Report: One Potato Two Potato Sweet Onion Potato Chips

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes get stuck in food routines/ruts (depending on how you look at it), where you go to the same place and get one of the same few things every time you go there.  This happens to me when I’m in the city for school.  So I got really excited last week when I was getting my usual sandwich before class and saw these chips.  I had never seen them before.  Not only did they sound delicious, but the package was adorable.  So I bought them and ate them with my lunch.

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