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Smoothie Sunday: Autumn Sweet Potato Smoothie

Well friends, fall is officially upon us, which means that Smoothie Sunday is wrapping up for the season. Since my mission this year was to try to work more veggies into my smoothies it seemed appropriate to begin and end with a vegetable-based smoothie. It’s just coincidence that both of them happened to be orange. This smoothie is perfect for the first week of autumn, and it will have you ready for Thanksgiving even though it’s still a couple of months away.

What you'll need.

What you’ll need.

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Pizza Lab #27: Irish Flag Pizza

Let’s talk St. Patrick’s Day. We wanted to do some sort of Irish-themed pizza for Pizza Lab this month. And yes, I guess I have to ask ‘what foods do you think of when it’s St. Patrick’s Day?’ Yeah, yeah, everyone’s gonna say corned beef and cabbage to which I reply, if I can conjure my best 90s teen-girl, a whole-hearted “What-everrrrr.” Aside from not actually being a traditional Irish dish, corned beef just plain sucks. Sure I’m a little biased on account of my not eating red meats, but how good can a meal be if 99% of the people in the country it’s most popular in only eat it for about two weeks out of the year? Yeah, screw that. Not to mention native Ireland essentially makes fun of Americans for their obsessive and erroneous association with it to Irish cuisine.

Instead Meg and I decided to put together something a bit more whimsical, trying our best to create a pizza inspired by the colors of the Irish flag. This presented an interesting concept since generally foods don’t get grouped together by color, as colors don’t generally represent flavor. It also was a unique challenge since it required some careful  brainstorming on what foods work well together, while keeping in the color theme.


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Snack Report: One Potato Two Potato Sweet Onion Potato Chips

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes get stuck in food routines/ruts (depending on how you look at it), where you go to the same place and get one of the same few things every time you go there.  This happens to me when I’m in the city for school.  So I got really excited last week when I was getting my usual sandwich before class and saw these chips.  I had never seen them before.  Not only did they sound delicious, but the package was adorable.  So I bought them and ate them with my lunch.

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