Snack Report: One Potato Two Potato Sweet Onion Potato Chips

If you’re anything like me, you sometimes get stuck in food routines/ruts (depending on how you look at it), where you go to the same place and get one of the same few things every time you go there.  This happens to me when I’m in the city for school.  So I got really excited last week when I was getting my usual sandwich before class and saw these chips.  I had never seen them before.  Not only did they sound delicious, but the package was adorable.  So I bought them and ate them with my lunch.


First impression: They’re pretty tasty.  They’re kettle cooked so they’re super duper crunchy.

After finishing the bag: They are tasty, but I found myself a bit disappointed.  The flavoring was rather uneven – some chips had barely any onion flavor, while others had a ton.  And though they use all natural ingredients, I found that sometimes the flavoring tasted a bit fake.  I think that probably had to do with the fact that it uses onion powder, which while a natural ingredient, is rather far from onion in its natural form.

DSCN6768Another slight negative was the price.  The 2 ounce bag I bought cost $1.50 (okay, $1.49, but same thing).  Chips are one of those things that always seem to be more expensive than I think they should be.  But still. Of course I did buy them in New York City, where things are more expensive anyway, so it’s possible they’re cheaper elsewhere.  Indeed, a peek around their website shows that you can buy a custom case of 24 bags for about $24, which would make them $1 per bag, which seems more reasonable to me.

One big positive is that they are made using sunflower oil, which contains Vitamin E and is low in saturated fat.  And I also enjoyed the “Tater Trivia” on the back of the bag.


Would I recommend One Potato Two Potato sweet onion chips?  Yes, if you can find them cheaper than I did.

Other flavors they have that I haven’t tried yet: Naked Sea Salt, Hawaiian BBQ, Cracked Pepper, Sweet Potato.  If anyone’s tried or tries those flavors, let me know how they stack up!


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  1. I tried the Sweet Potato chips yesterday. They were okay, but I felt they needed more salt.


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