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Quick Recipe: Sesame Chicken

Sesame chicken is a Chinese food restaurant staple. And even though each place usually makes it slightly differently, it’s almost always good and a safe bet to order if you’re unsure what to get. Well there’s good news! You can easily make sesame chicken yourself at home. It’s important to note though, that Chinese food restaurants’ sesame chicken usually has chicken that has been coated and fried. Ours does not. Honestly though, that kind of makes it even better since it makes it a bit lighter than the fried version. This sesame chicken is so good you’re going to want to eat it every day. You could also just make the sauce and use it on another meat like pork or on a ton of veggies (substituting vegetable broth if you want a vegetarian dish) if you wish.  This is one of our favorite quick stir-fry recipes to make for dinner.

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Cheat Codes: Flavor Infused Water

Water is probably the best thing you can drink. But let’s be honest, it’s also probably the most boring thing you can drink. Switching to drinking water instead of sugar laden sodas or juices is one of the simplest positive diet changes you can make. Yet making the switch can be a difficult task if your taste buds are used to being hit with flavor every time you take a sip of liquid. Luckily flavor infused water is there to help ease the transition! You’ve probably seen flavored waters in stores. Or the flavor drops you can add to your water. There’s nothing really wrong with these products. But if you can make something yourself at home, why not do so?

Even dogs get excited about drinking water!

Even dogs get excited about drinking water!

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Smoothie Sunday: Beet Smoothie

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m trying to work more veggies into my smoothies this year.  I decided to give beets a try, since, while they do have a certain earthiness about them, they also have a sweetness.  The main hassle with this smoothie is that you’ll need to roast your beets the night before since they can take a long time to fully cook.  Alternately you could use canned beets, but still without cooking them first you risk them retaining a bit of can flavor.  While this smoothie may not be the sweetest, between the beet and nuts it may be one of the healthiest.  And certainly one of the prettiest in color.

What you'll need

What you’ll need

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Quick Recipe: Bruschetta Tomato Salad

Coming from a family of Italian-American stereotypes, one of my all time summer favorites is the classic antipasto, bruschetta, a bunch of little toasted bread pieces with tomatoes and basil on top. Bruschetta salad is interesting because of the misconceptions about it. First off, despite what you think you know about speaking other languages bruschetta is in fact pronounced “broo-sketta” with a hard C sound. Not a shh. Also it doesn’t start with a P or end with an A, and it doesn’t make you more Italian or cool to say “HEY HAVE SOME PROO-SHETT”.
The second big misconception about it is that bruschetta, semantically, technically, refers to the little toast pieces that we serve with the tomato salad. That mixture of tomatoes on it is not the bruschetta, a mistake I even made until fairly recently. If you wanna be truly faithful, the stuff on top is just “tomato salad” but that’s kinda ambiguous, so I like to refer to it alongside its namesake sidekick.

Nevertheless, bruschetta tomato salad is exceptionally tasty and yummy, specifically when using some fresh-ass tomatoes straight from the garden or farmstand, to the point I don’t even bother making it unless it’s summer. I am admittedly a bit of a food snob, so don’t let that keep you from eating it whenever you want. It’s perfect on top of the mini-toasts, but I personally love serving it on top of chicken cutlets, like so:


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Quick Recipe: Pico de Gallo

Pico de gallo is funny just because its literal translation in English is “rooster’s beak.”  But rest assured, there’s no beak involved here.  There isn’t even any chicken involved.  Pico de gallo is actually a salad made primarily of tomatoes, onions and chilies, though other ingredients can be added as well.  Pretty much you can just think of it as a less liquid-y salsa.  This is our version of pico de gallo.


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