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The Cereal Report: Pumpkin Spice Cheerios

The Cereal Report is a column in which PCFG conducts various cereal reviews, of new or limited products, as well as providing brief backgrounds on the cereal. Cereal is delicious and fairly cheap as far as meals go. Everyone should eat cereal!

Fall is on the way, everyone! And with every Autumnal equinox comes a plethora of limited edition pumpkin spice variants of foods. We’ve seen cookies, coffee, drinks, etc… but someone new is taking a crack at the annual craze. This year, we saw the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Cheerios, which if I recall correctly is the first time a cereal brand has harnessed the power of pumpkin pie spice. As always, I’m always a little skeptical of almost all pumpkin spice editions of foods and drinks because it’s such a quick and dirty cash-in, and frequently isn’t even that good.

That said, let’s give Cheerios the benefit of the doubt. Afterall, they’re a venerable cereal that puts on a persona of wholesomeness and doesn’t typically use wacky gimmicks to rope people into buying it.



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Pizza Lab #42: Cinnamon Bun Pizza

Ask and ye shall receive.  This month’s Pizza Lab was actually a request from a fan.  We’d already been tossing around ideas for a different pizza, but when the request came in we jumped to it and brainstormed how to make this pizza work.  We briefly tossed around the idea of making them cinnamon roll style, just using pizza dough instead of cinnamon bun dough.  But ultimately we decided that, while it’d probably be delicious, it strayed too far from the traditional pizza format to be a Pizza Lab (though we may still experiment with that sometime in the future).  Just putting cinnamon and sugar on the pizza dough would have resulted in a pizza too similar to the dessert pretzel pizza we made years ago.  It was time to take things to the next level.  We had to make this a stuffed pizza.


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The Snack Report: Cinnamon Bun Oreos

Well, Oreo is at it again. It seems like every week there’s a new limited edition Oreo flavor out in stores. Due to how often they’ve been releasing new flavors we’ve fallen behind in reviewing them all. Oreos are kind of pricey and we can’t afford to buy new ones constantly. But we were both intrigued by the idea of cinnamon bun Oreos so we gave these ones a try. The idea of recreating a cinnamon bun in cookie form isn’t an inherently bad one. Cinnamon buns are amazing and wonderful, but they’re a pain in the ass to make yourself at home (from scratch anyway) and getting them fresh usually involves a trip to the mall. So a cinnamon bun treat that’s easily accessible should be a big hit. The difficulty comes in capturing what makes cinnamon buns so delicious in a non-bun form. How did Oreo do at accomplishing this? Let’s assess.


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The Snack Report: Thomas’ Apple Pie English Muffins

I first spotted these limited edition English muffins while I was at the store just picking up milk. They looked and smelled delicious, so I made a mental note to pick some up sooner rather than later (can’t dilly-dally with limited edition things when you don’t know how long they’ll be around for!). Luckily for me, they ended up being on sale the next week, so off to my house they went. Thomas’ makes good English muffins, so I figured these would be pretty good.

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Smoothie Sunday: Beet Smoothie

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m trying to work more veggies into my smoothies this year.  I decided to give beets a try, since, while they do have a certain earthiness about them, they also have a sweetness.  The main hassle with this smoothie is that you’ll need to roast your beets the night before since they can take a long time to fully cook.  Alternately you could use canned beets, but still without cooking them first you risk them retaining a bit of can flavor.  While this smoothie may not be the sweetest, between the beet and nuts it may be one of the healthiest.  And certainly one of the prettiest in color.

What you'll need

What you’ll need

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