The Snack Report: Thomas’ Apple Pie English Muffins

I first spotted these limited edition English muffins while I was at the store just picking up milk. They looked and smelled delicious, so I made a mental note to pick some up sooner rather than later (can’t dilly-dally with limited edition things when you don’t know how long they’ll be around for!). Luckily for me, they ended up being on sale the next week, so off to my house they went. Thomas’ makes good English muffins, so I figured these would be pretty good.

DSCF7361DSCF7362Even before opening the package you can smell the yummy cinnamon-y apple pie smell. This bodes well. Splitting it open it has all the standard English muffin nooks and crannies.



The first one I had I just toasted and topped with butter. I didn’t want to just eat it dry, but didn’t want anything that would mask the flavor too much.

After toasting and with butter

After toasting and with butter

So, how’d they do? Well, like a lot of foods trying to taste like a different food, it smelled more apple pie like than it tasted. But that doesn’t mean it tasted bad. It had a nice flavor that was sweeter and a bit spicier (not heat spicy, but spices spicy) than regular English muffins. And it even had some chunks of apple in it, though not an overwhelming amount.
The second one I ate I decided to top half with butter and cinnamon sugar and the other half with apple butter.

DSCF7401I figured one or both of these might help bring out the apple pie flavor a bit more. The half with apple butter did taste more apple-y, but the apple butter covered the flavor already in the muffins a bit too much. It was yummy, but not quite what I was going for. Now the half with the cinnamon sugar…that’s where it’s at. Adding the extra cinnamon sugar helped it taste even more like apple pie, even though I was worried too much cinnamon would cover up the apple flavor that was there.
While eating these English muffins doesn’t taste the same as biting into an apple pie, they are still quite yummy, and a nice fall breakfast treat. You could eat them plain, or experiment with different toppings, but either way they’re a nice change of pace. You could probably even use them to make a breakfast sandwich and have it be a yummy new twist. I hope they bring this flavor back again next year during apple season.

Should you eat Thomas’ Apple Pie English muffins? Yes!


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