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Pizza Lab #31: Tres Leches Pizza

We’ve come up with some crazy crossovers for our pizzas before.  This pizza maybe one of the strangest.  But strange doesn’t mean bad!  The inspiration for this pizza was tres leches cake.  “Tres leches” means “three milks” in Spanish, so as you can imagine, three milks are involved in the making of the cake.  Traditional tres leches cake is composed of a sponge cake soaked in a combination of evaporated milk, condensed milk, and heavy cream after baking.  Yet despite this, when done correctly the cake is still light and airy, not soggy.  I’m not entirely sure of the origins of the cake, but I imagine someone dipping cookies into milk was involved somewhere, since it’s a similar concept.

How we came up with the idea for this pizza I’m not entirely sure; this was mostly Erik’s idea.  But we both brainstormed out the details and execution.  Obviously we couldn’t just have a mostly naked pizza that’d been soaked in milk.  A pizza needs toppings.  The original plan was to top it with dulce de leche.  Dulce de leche is a caramel like sauce made from condensed milk.  This plan eventually changed though, because despite the fact that pre-made, canned dulce de leche is a thing that exists, we could not find any in stores near us.  And making it from scratch takes at least 2 hours, and quite frankly, we just didn’t have the time to babysit cans of milk for that long.  So we ultimately ended up on plan B, which was to use our go-to caramel sauce recipe, which takes about 5 minutes to make.  I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though…

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Smoothie Sunday: Carrot Cake Smoothie

Smoothie Sunday is back everyone!  After taking the winter off from smoothies, now that the weather has finally turned warm it’s time to go back to smoothies.  While starting the brainstorming process for smoothies I decided I wanted to try to work some more veggies into smoothies this year, since I didn’t use any last year except avocado (and even then I believe that’s technically a fruit).  One of the first things that came to mind was a carrot cake smoothie.  Carrots are a vegetable, but they’re on the sweet side, and carrot cake is definitely sweet, so it would make it seem less like drinking veggies, and more just yummy.  While a lot of my smoothie recipes call for yogurt, mostly just to add substance, in this case the yogurt plays a vital flavor role.  The vanilla yogurt adds a sweet tang, similar to the cream cheese frosting that normally tops carrots cakes, without as much fat and sugar and whatnot.  This smoothie is like eating dessert for breakfast, but it’s good for you!

What you'll need

What you’ll need

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The Snack Report: Entenmann’s French Toast Donuts

I think everyone can agree with Homer Simpson that donuts are great.  They’re a breakfast, they’re a dessert, and even just a snack.  They’re one of the great “on the go” foods because they’re so easily portable.  Unfortunately if you eat too many donuts you’ll end up sharing a waistline with Homer Simpson and not just a food appreciation.  I suppose this has been my roundabout way of saying that I’m reviewing donuts this week.

I first saw Entenmann’s French Toast Donuts in the grocery store last week, and since they happened to be on sale I decided I couldn’t pass them up.  They sounded too yummy not to try, and obviously I always like things better when they’re on sale.  Besides, I’m all for interesting breakfast food mash-ups (we did come up with francakes after all).  I could already faintly smell the hints of French toast when I picked up the box, so I was excited to give them a taste.  So, how’d they do?


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Recipe Time: Apple Cinnamon Oat Pancakes

Oatmeal and pancakes are two great breakfast staples. But… have you ever wondered… what would happen if you combined the two? Okay, so probably not, it’s not that exciting sounding, however it does create a really yummy pancake. We’ve experimented with oats in pancakes before and it pretty much just gives that nice, robust, oat-y flavor to the pancakes. And actually they tend to flip better when cooking since the oats bond the batter together pretty well! So not only are they tasty, but also make your life easier, if at least for the few minutes while cooking these guys.




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The Cereal Report: French Toast Crunch Returns At Last Pt. 2

I’m gonna tell you all a secret. Well, not actually a secret, but a fun fact. In my possession I have an original box of French Toast Crunch from circa 2005, before the cereal was discontinued. It is (was) one of my most prized possessions. That’s how much I love this stuff. The idea was to hang onto it and someday, for some momentous occasion like getting married or getting a house finally, we’d crack it open and chow down. And hopefully not develop some sort of foodborne illness.

Welp, no need for that anymore now that FTC is back! Hopefully by now, everyone who wants to has gotten their hands on a box of French Toast Crunch. If you’ve never tried it before, I absolutely, strongly recommend you do. Riding on the tail of Part 1, in which I simply reviewed it, I’m going to take this opportunity to expound on the history of French Toast Crunch itself here in Part 2.



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