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The Snack Report: Entenmann’s French Toast Donuts

I think everyone can agree with Homer Simpson that donuts are great.  They’re a breakfast, they’re a dessert, and even just a snack.  They’re one of the great “on the go” foods because they’re so easily portable.  Unfortunately if you eat too many donuts you’ll end up sharing a waistline with Homer Simpson and not just a food appreciation.  I suppose this has been my roundabout way of saying that I’m reviewing donuts this week.

I first saw Entenmann’s French Toast Donuts in the grocery store last week, and since they happened to be on sale I decided I couldn’t pass them up.  They sounded too yummy not to try, and obviously I always like things better when they’re on sale.  Besides, I’m all for interesting breakfast food mash-ups (we did come up with francakes after all).  I could already faintly smell the hints of French toast when I picked up the box, so I was excited to give them a taste.  So, how’d they do?


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