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Cheat Codes: Flavor Infused Water

Water is probably the best thing you can drink. But let’s be honest, it’s also probably the most boring thing you can drink. Switching to drinking water instead of sugar laden sodas or juices is one of the simplest positive diet changes you can make. Yet making the switch can be a difficult task if your taste buds are used to being hit with flavor every time you take a sip of liquid. Luckily flavor infused water is there to help ease the transition! You’ve probably seen flavored waters in stores. Or the flavor drops you can add to your water. There’s nothing really wrong with these products. But if you can make something yourself at home, why not do so?

Even dogs get excited about drinking water!

Even dogs get excited about drinking water!

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Cheat Codes: How To Dry Your Own Herbs

Some people say variety is the spice of life. So I guess that makes spices the spice of food? However you wanna look at it, there’s no denying the important of herbs and spices in cooking. Without them, your flavor options would be pretty limited to really bland combinations of salt, cream, and plain vegetables/fruits. Virtually every recipe calls for herbs thrown in for that extra flavor mile. The only problem with these culinary truths is that buying herbs isn’t always cheap or convenient. We’ve already discussed growing your own herbs at home a long time ago on PCFG, but what if you want to hang onto those herbs all year round? Potted herbs are great, but sometimes it’s a pain to bring them inside over the Winter, and beyond that sometimes you just need to heartbreakingly say goodbye when a good herb plant simply dies in the cold. Big name spice companies dry their herbs and bottle them for sale, obviously. They probably use some sort of space-age water neutralization mega oven science shit. No one could do that at home, right? Believe it or not, actually yeah you can. And it’s pretty easy. Probably 90% of the process involves literally doing nothing, so it’s totally possible to dry herbs at home even if you’re super lazy.   Read the rest of this entry

Recipe Time! Springtime Baked Chicken and Rice

As you may have noticed, we’re big fans of chicken and rice here at Poor Couple’s Food Guide.  For the less enlightened, you may think that it gets boring eating a lot of chicken and rice.  But this is not the case!  There are so many delicious ways to prepare it, each one tasting different from the last.  Today I’m here to share one such recipe that I came up with.  After months of heavy winter foods I wanted to come up with something light and springy, now that the weather is finally warming up.  And something with green in it to reflect the green finally growing outside.


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Food 101: Pantry Staples

I realized the other day that Erik and I throw around the term “pantry staples” a lot in our posts.  However if you’re not one to cook all that much, or are just getting into cooking on your own, you might not be aware of what types of food we mean (and there’s nothing wrong with that!).  So I’ve compiled a list of pantry staples to help give you an idea of what ingredients are good to have on hand all the time.

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Food 101: How to Sauté/Pan-Fry Chicken (And deglazing too!)

Probably one of the biggest things standing in the way of people from learning to cook properly is how intimidating it seems. The culinary world borrows words from dozens of different languages and has its own set of lingo that makes no sense outside of context. As mentioned last time, dredging is usually the industrial process of collecting mud, waste, and trash from the beds of harbors, but in cooking terms it simply means coating meat in flour. It’s easy to see how one could be easily confused and overwhelmed when the neat, new recipe they’ve found calls for them to acquire fancy-ass sounding ingredients like anise extract or turmeric or herbes de provence. It’s enough to make someone immediately yell “What the hell?” and quit while they’re ahead.

"Say 'coriander' one more time! I triple dog dare you!"

“Say ‘coriander’ one more time! I triple dog dare you!”

The same goes with directions too. How do you fold a liquid batter? It’s not paper. And furthermore, “browning” your meat doesn’t mean you want it literally the color brown. Actually, one of my favorite methods of cooking is one of those fancy shmancy terms, sautéing. It sounds SO ritzy, yet it’s probably one of the simplest cooking processes out there, and is a key stepping stone to learning to cook.

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