Cheat Codes: Flavor Infused Water

Water is probably the best thing you can drink. But let’s be honest, it’s also probably the most boring thing you can drink. Switching to drinking water instead of sugar laden sodas or juices is one of the simplest positive diet changes you can make. Yet making the switch can be a difficult task if your taste buds are used to being hit with flavor every time you take a sip of liquid. Luckily flavor infused water is there to help ease the transition! You’ve probably seen flavored waters in stores. Or the flavor drops you can add to your water. There’s nothing really wrong with these products. But if you can make something yourself at home, why not do so?

Even dogs get excited about drinking water!

Even dogs get excited about drinking water!

Making flavor infused water at home is super easy. All you need is water and flavor. The water will come from wherever you usually get your drinking water from. The flavor will come from fruits, veggies, and/or herbs.

Flavor. Vessel to hold the water.

Flavor. Vessel to hold the water.

Suggested flavors: citrus (lemon, orange, lime), melon, cucumber, berry (blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, blackberry), pineapple, mint, basil.
All you need to do is fill a bottle or pitcher with water. Then take your source of flavor. If you’re using a fruit or vegetable, cut it into slices. They don’t need to be uniform or anything. You just need to get more surface area for the flavor to get out. If you’re using herbs, just roughly tear the leaves to help let the essential oils out.


Add your flavor chunks (okay, that sounds kinda gross. Sorry), give a stir and let chill in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight. If you’ve used a citrus fruit, remove the slices after a few hours to prevent the water from getting too bitter. Other flavor pieces it’s up to you if you want to leave them in or remove them.

You probably won’t need to add any extra flavor to your water; it should be tasty enough on its own once the flavors are infused in. However, if you’re really jonesing for some sugar, you could add a little bit of simple syrup to your drink for some added sweetness.

Not that a recipe is really needed, but as kind of a guideline, here’s my recipe for cinnamon basil water.

Cinnamon Basil Water:

  • 5-8 leaves cinnamon basil
  • 8 oz water
  • ½ tsp. simple syrup (optional)

Fill an 8 oz bottle/pitcher with water. Tear the basil leaves into medium size pieces and add to the water. Let sit in the fridge overnight. Drink and enjoy the refreshment!



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