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Pizza Lab #39: Chicken Katsu Pizza

Here at Poor Couple’s Food Guide, we strive to bring you at least one Pizza Lab per month. Most of the time we’re pretty good at it, but there’ve been instances where we came close to missing that timetable. Some of you might be wondering, “What about February? It’s the last day of the month…”And for sure dudes and dudettes, you are right. But we’ll be damned if we broke our promise to deliver a new wacky pizza in time, and so on this magical day, February 29th, also known as Leap Day, we would like to direct your attention to the following: Chicken Katsu Pizza.


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Test the Recipe: Peas with Sesame Butter

“Test the Recipe” is a recurring column on PCFG where we test vintage (anything published before 1990) recipes and see if they stand the test of time or need updating. In this post we test the recipe as exactly as possible for the most accurate outcomes. Those recipes that need updating will be featured later in a “We Can Do It Better” post.

I realized when looking through recent posts that the first two “Test the Recipe” posts were desserts. Not that there’s anything wrong with dessert, but we here at Poor Couple’s Food Guide believe in eating a balanced diet. So for this edition I turned to veggies. It was actually harder to find a good recipe to test than I thought it would be. There was a fair amount of vegetable recipes, but I had to narrow it down to ones that seemed quick, since this was going to be a side dish and not a main course, and also contain vegetables that everyone eating dinner would eat (which is easier said than done). There were a lot of recipes for vegetables I don’t like. Why so many asparagus and mushroom recipes guys? There weren’t even any I really wanted to use in the first book I looked through, but luckily I found one I felt like testing in Betty Crocker’s Working Woman’s Cookbook from 1982. I’ve always been a fan of sesame, so peas with sesame butter it was.


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Quick Recipe: Sesame Chicken

Sesame chicken is a Chinese food restaurant staple. And even though each place usually makes it slightly differently, it’s almost always good and a safe bet to order if you’re unsure what to get. Well there’s good news! You can easily make sesame chicken yourself at home. It’s important to note though, that Chinese food restaurants’ sesame chicken usually has chicken that has been coated and fried. Ours does not. Honestly though, that kind of makes it even better since it makes it a bit lighter than the fried version. This sesame chicken is so good you’re going to want to eat it every day. You could also just make the sauce and use it on another meat like pork or on a ton of veggies (substituting vegetable broth if you want a vegetarian dish) if you wish.  This is one of our favorite quick stir-fry recipes to make for dinner.

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Quick Recipe: Sesame Pancakes

Pancake recipes tend to call for some sort of fat in the form of oil or butter, to keep the batter moist as it cooks. This recipe substitutes the regular vegetable/canola oil and uses sesame oil. If you’ve never had it before, it has a dark, rustic flavor and smells absolutely amazing, like pure concentrated sesame cookies. You can generally find it in every Asian market, and even most supermarkets now stock it, though it tends to be fairly expensive in regular stores. If you’re concerned about price, you can easily use oil blends, where its cut with canola oil. It keeps the same delicious smell and flavor, but is just a bit lower in concentration. The pancakes themselves taste like sesame cookies and have a nice enough zing to stand up against syrup.


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