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Quick Recipe: Sesame Chicken

Sesame chicken is a Chinese food restaurant staple. And even though each place usually makes it slightly differently, it’s almost always good and a safe bet to order if you’re unsure what to get. Well there’s good news! You can easily make sesame chicken yourself at home. It’s important to note though, that Chinese food restaurants’ sesame chicken usually has chicken that has been coated and fried. Ours does not. Honestly though, that kind of makes it even better since it makes it a bit lighter than the fried version. This sesame chicken is so good you’re going to want to eat it every day. You could also just make the sauce and use it on another meat like pork or on a ton of veggies (substituting vegetable broth if you want a vegetarian dish) if you wish.  This is one of our favorite quick stir-fry recipes to make for dinner.

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Quick Recipe: Korean Garlic Soy Chicken

Despite being big fans of Asian foods, the two of us have only recently come around to find that Korean food is really yummy. In fairness, it hasn’t had much exposure prior to the past decade thanks to the rise of Korean BBQ restaurants and other efforts to further the cuisine in western civilization. We happened upon this sort of stir fry two years ago in Jasmine, the restaurant at Stony Brook University’s Wang Center. We enjoyed it so much we ended up making a copycat version of our own that was as close as we could get it. This garlic-soy chicken has a really dark, awesome flavor bolstered by the addition of sesame oil. If you like garlic and stir fry, this is totally up your alley. Be warned though, there is a lot of garlic in there, so unless you’re like me and Meg and particularly enjoy the smell of garlic, you may need to brace yourself.



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