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The Snack Report: White Strawberry Shortcake M&Ms

When I saw that M&Ms had a limited edition flavor that was out for Easter, I figured what better to post this week than a review of them?  For some reason this flavor is exclusive to Target, which actually has apparently happened before but I’m just now finding out about.  In doing some digging it seems that M&Ms has released a few different seasonal flavors to Target in the past.  I am now kind of upset that I missed out on some potentially awesome limited edition M&Ms.  But I found out about these ones!  And since we happened to be driving past a Target the other day, I managed to obtain a package.  They’re definitely being marketed as a spring/Easter candy since the green M&M is wearing bunny ears (unless it’s all some sort of elaborate Playboy ad, but I doubt it).  Other than the pastel colors I’m not entirely sure why they chose to make this flavor for Easter.  Strawberry shortcake is much more of an early summer dessert, when strawberries are in season than it is a spring one.  Seasonally appropriate nitpicking aside, let’s find out how these M&Ms taste.


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The Snack Report: Russell Stover Key Lime Whip Egg

There’s a bit of a tradition here at Poor Couple’s Food Guide where, the week after Easter we go to the local drug store and buy a massive amount of the Russell Stover eggs for super cheap on clearance.  We usually eat about 4 and then have the rest in a bag for most of the year.  You’d think we’d have learned our lesson by now, but it hasn’t happened yet.  This year however, a flavor jumped out at me and I couldn’t wait until after Easter to try it – key lime.  The package caught my attention because I am a large fan of lime flavored things.  I’ve lamented before the fact that green apple has been taking over lime as the go-to green flavor, so anytime I see something that’s still lime, I’m game.


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The Snack Report: Super Mario 3-Dees Gummies

Some fans of PCFG may be aware that both Meg and I are Nintendo fans. Maybe someday we’ll be famous enough that people streetpassing us on their Nintendo 3DS will be a big deal… Until then, we can only fantasize. Oh and also locate and eat the few Nintendo-themed snacks out there, we can find in the U.S.! Which brings me to today’s Snack Report: Super Mario gummies, made by Au’some. However, these aren’t just any old gummies… much like the Nintendo 64, these guys have made the jump into the third dimension.





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Super Bowl Snack Round-Up

The big day is almost here! The most anticipated day in sports is just around the corner. That’s right; I’m talking about the Puppy Bowl. Oh yeah, and there’s some football thing going on too. Whichever you’re watching, it’s a day to indulge in some classic snack/party foods. If you’re scrambling to find good food to serve to all those people you have coming over, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. We’ve rounded up some of our best game day snacks into this convenient post.


Basic Guacamole

If you’re putting out tortilla chips, you need to put out something to dip them in. That’s where this guacamole recipe comes in. It’s easily doubled, or tripled if you have a crowd to serve.


Perfect for dipping.


Chicken Nachos

If you’re feeling more ambitious you can make some nachos for your guests. Be prepared for them to go quickly though. They’re really good.


Dig in!

Shredded Taco Chicken

If you want to set up a taco/burrito bar for your guests, be sure to include this shredded chicken as a filling option.


Don’t feel like going Mexican? Don’t worry; there are other options as well!

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The Snack Report: Cinnamon Bun Oreos

Well, Oreo is at it again. It seems like every week there’s a new limited edition Oreo flavor out in stores. Due to how often they’ve been releasing new flavors we’ve fallen behind in reviewing them all. Oreos are kind of pricey and we can’t afford to buy new ones constantly. But we were both intrigued by the idea of cinnamon bun Oreos so we gave these ones a try. The idea of recreating a cinnamon bun in cookie form isn’t an inherently bad one. Cinnamon buns are amazing and wonderful, but they’re a pain in the ass to make yourself at home (from scratch anyway) and getting them fresh usually involves a trip to the mall. So a cinnamon bun treat that’s easily accessible should be a big hit. The difficulty comes in capturing what makes cinnamon buns so delicious in a non-bun form. How did Oreo do at accomplishing this? Let’s assess.


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