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Cheat Code: Egg-less Avocado Chocolate Chip Cookies

I realize this is now our third chocolate chip cookie recipe on the blog, but well, we really like chocolate chip cookies.  While the chocolate chip cookie recipe using cream cheese instead of eggs came about out of necessity, this recipe was developed strictly out of curiosity.  I remembered from an old episode of Good Eats that Alton Brown said that avocados are actually kind of similar to eggs in terms of fat content so that got me to wondering if avocado could also replace eggs in cookies.  And I was right!  The cookies ended up with a slightly different flavor than regular chocolate chip cookies, but nothing that can really be pin-pointed to avocado.  Even skeptics will enjoy these cookies.  They’re also some of the most cakey chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever had, so if that’s your favorite type of cookie, then these are for you.


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The Snack Report: White Strawberry Shortcake M&Ms

When I saw that M&Ms had a limited edition flavor that was out for Easter, I figured what better to post this week than a review of them?  For some reason this flavor is exclusive to Target, which actually has apparently happened before but I’m just now finding out about.  In doing some digging it seems that M&Ms has released a few different seasonal flavors to Target in the past.  I am now kind of upset that I missed out on some potentially awesome limited edition M&Ms.  But I found out about these ones!  And since we happened to be driving past a Target the other day, I managed to obtain a package.  They’re definitely being marketed as a spring/Easter candy since the green M&M is wearing bunny ears (unless it’s all some sort of elaborate Playboy ad, but I doubt it).  Other than the pastel colors I’m not entirely sure why they chose to make this flavor for Easter.  Strawberry shortcake is much more of an early summer dessert, when strawberries are in season than it is a spring one.  Seasonally appropriate nitpicking aside, let’s find out how these M&Ms taste.


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The Snack Report: Russell Stover Key Lime Whip Egg

There’s a bit of a tradition here at Poor Couple’s Food Guide where, the week after Easter we go to the local drug store and buy a massive amount of the Russell Stover eggs for super cheap on clearance.  We usually eat about 4 and then have the rest in a bag for most of the year.  You’d think we’d have learned our lesson by now, but it hasn’t happened yet.  This year however, a flavor jumped out at me and I couldn’t wait until after Easter to try it – key lime.  The package caught my attention because I am a large fan of lime flavored things.  I’ve lamented before the fact that green apple has been taking over lime as the go-to green flavor, so anytime I see something that’s still lime, I’m game.


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The Snack Report: Mint Kit Kats

Sorry to kind of crap out on you guys this week and have two reviews with no recipes. But we’re still recovering from the string of Christmas, New Year’s and our anniversary so we haven’t had a ton of time to work on blog cooking. But things are finally settling down, so there should be more varied posts again soon.

We’ve reviewed different flavored Kit Kats on the blog before. The difference was that the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor wasn’t a limited edition, but a Japanese flavor. The mint Kit Kats are widely available in America, but won’t always be around. What’s up with that Hershey? Nestle lets everyone else gets fun flavored Kit Kats whenever they want but in the U.S. we only get regular flavor the majority of the time? That’s so not cool. You need to step up the Kit Kat game Hershey Company.


But I’ve digressed…let’s see how the mint Kit Kats stack up to the regular flavored ones.

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Pizza Lab #37: Peppermint Christmas Pizza

Happy New Year to all our faithful readers, as well as any new faces who just stumbled onto Poor Couple’s Food Guide. 2015 is almost completely gone, but luckily for you, we’ve got one last Pizza Lab to squeeze in before 2016 starts up. T’is the season to be festive, and as such we designed a true Christmastime pizza. Let’s ring in the New Year right, by eating dessert pizza!



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