The Snack Report: Mint Kit Kats

Sorry to kind of crap out on you guys this week and have two reviews with no recipes. But we’re still recovering from the string of Christmas, New Year’s and our anniversary so we haven’t had a ton of time to work on blog cooking. But things are finally settling down, so there should be more varied posts again soon.

We’ve reviewed different flavored Kit Kats on the blog before. The difference was that the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor wasn’t a limited edition, but a Japanese flavor. The mint Kit Kats are widely available in America, but won’t always be around. What’s up with that Hershey? Nestle lets everyone else gets fun flavored Kit Kats whenever they want but in the U.S. we only get regular flavor the majority of the time? That’s so not cool. You need to step up the Kit Kat game Hershey Company.


But I’ve digressed…let’s see how the mint Kit Kats stack up to the regular flavored ones.

As far as I know they only come in miniature size, but that’s fine. As someone whose candy tolerance has gone done considerably lately, small amounts of candy at a time are totally cool by me.  Plus too much mint at once can become a bit overwhelming.


The bars themselves are standard Kit Kat form, layers of wafer covered in chocolate. For the mint version they’ve chosen to use dark as opposed to milk chocolate. To be honest I’m not entirely sure where the mint flavor comes from.   I don’t know if it’s in the chocolate or the wafers. But it’s evenly dispersed throughout, so it doesn’t really make much difference.


In terms of flavor they taste a lot of like Thin Mints/Grasshopper cookies. If you read the latest Pizza Lab you already know that that’s actually how we first discovered these candies – as a cheaper substitute to the aforementioned cookies. They definitely made the right choice pairing the mint with dark chocolate. Milk chocolate just doesn’t have the oomph to carry mint. They taste really yummy. If you’re a fan of the mint/chocolate combination you’ll like these. If you want the flavor of a Junior Mint, but also a bit of a crunch, these are definitely the candy for you.


These seem to be being marketed as a Christmas edition candy and are already in the Christmas candy clearance section of stores, so I’m not sure how much longer they’ll be around. The good news is that if you do want to try them, you can probably get them for cheap.


Want to try it for yourself? Follow our Amazon Associate link!

Kit Kat 2 Finger Mint 8 Pack 166.4G

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Should you buy Mint Kit Kats? Yes!

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