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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Is Bullshit OR How I Stopped Getting Canker Sores

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Food is awesome. Eating food is awesomer. Eating delicious food is awesomest. Know what’s not awesome? Frigging canker sores. Holy shit are they awful. There’s not many conditions out there which can bring you to tears just by chewing, but these mouth ulcers are more than capable of doing so. And when eating food becomes literally painful, you have a real problem.


Anything that stands between me and my burritos is pure evil.

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The Snack Report: Mint Kit Kats

Sorry to kind of crap out on you guys this week and have two reviews with no recipes. But we’re still recovering from the string of Christmas, New Year’s and our anniversary so we haven’t had a ton of time to work on blog cooking. But things are finally settling down, so there should be more varied posts again soon.

We’ve reviewed different flavored Kit Kats on the blog before. The difference was that the Vanilla Ice Cream flavor wasn’t a limited edition, but a Japanese flavor. The mint Kit Kats are widely available in America, but won’t always be around. What’s up with that Hershey? Nestle lets everyone else gets fun flavored Kit Kats whenever they want but in the U.S. we only get regular flavor the majority of the time? That’s so not cool. You need to step up the Kit Kat game Hershey Company.


But I’ve digressed…let’s see how the mint Kit Kats stack up to the regular flavored ones.

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