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The Cereal Report: Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch

The Cereal Report is a column in which PCFG conducts various cereal reviews, of new or limited products, as well as providing brief backgrounds on the cereal. Cereal is delicious and fairly cheap as far as meals go. Everyone should eat cereal!

Obviously there’s been a stupid number of food companies taking advantage of the “limited edition” hype train the past couple of years, though I have to say that one niche was left out of the mix was Christmas editions. Especially cereals. Outside of Cap’n Crunch’s Christmas Crunch, there’s not really any Christmas-themed breakfast cereals I can think of. Lo and behold however, General Mills came to the rescue and added two special editions of two of their biggest IPs: Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Cookie Crisp. This review will focus on the former, which gave us Sugar Cookie Toast Crunch.



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Christmastime Favorite: How To Make Wassail Pt. 2 – Recipe

We covered some of the history of spiced Christmas cider, known as wassail, in Part 1 of this article. Read up if you missed it, or read on for our recipe!

As some of you may know, PCFG will be providing free wassail at the Patchogue Village Wassailing Crawl this Saturday! If you live on Long Island and will be in the area, stop by and partake in some merriment as Long Island History and Pub continues a Christmas tradition that’s all but lost in the U.S. in modern times. You may learn a thing or two, and at very least it’ll help get into the Christmas spirit despite the surprisingly mild (and pleasant) season we’ve been having so far!

If you can’t make it, well there’s always the option of making it at home. Bear in mind, we will update this post at a later date with photos from the wassailing walk we’re attending on Saturday!



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Christmastime Favorite: How To Make Wassail Pt. 1

About 10 years ago, I found myself at a Christmas party at a local department/craft store with my mother, where they were serving this mystical drink known as “wassail”. It was some sort of mystery concoction made of apple cider, spices, and other fruits. Back then I was too young to drink hard cider, so plain old pure cider was my favorite thing to drink; I had pretty high expectations for this weird brew of fruit juices and spices I’d never heard of. To be frank, I got my shit rocked. Wassail was one of the greatest things I’d ever drunk and it had launched a sequence of events that guaranteed Christmas would never be the same after that.


I can’t believe how much that last sentence makes this sound like the opening monologue of some awful Disney channel high-school movie about Christmas vacation.



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We Can Do It Better: Gingerbread French Toast

Back around Christmas time I saw on TV that the chain restaurant Denny’s was serving Gingerbread French toast.  I thought that sounded delicious and decided we needed to try making it ourselves.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to try making them before Christmas.  But while gingerbread men are a traditional Christmas cookie, just plain gingerbread is more of just a general wintertime treat, so there’s still time to make gingerbread French toast!

Some basic research revealed a plethora of recipes calling themselves gingerbread French toast.  I feared we were too late to jump on the gingerbread French toast bandwagon.  However, upon closer inspection we realized most of these recipes didn’t actually use gingerbread!  They just used regular bread and added gingerbread spices to it (or were weird things that didn’t even look like French toast, but that’s another story).  But where’s the fun in that?

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The Snack Report: Lance Sprinkled Sugar Sweet Creme Cookie Sandwiches

I saw these cookie sandwiches in the grocery store the other day, and figured since they were seasonal and limited edition they would be a good holiday-time snack report.  While I haven’t reviewed them on the blog, I have eaten Lance sandwich crackers in the past and enjoyed them, so I figured these would be pretty good too.


Since I feel like Lance might not be a super well-known brand I decided to do some research on them.  The company has actually been around since the early 1900s, though it wasn’t until the 1960s and beyond that they started reaching a wider audience.  They now have a wide range of snacks, but most are based upon the sandwich format.  Some are savory cracker sandwiches and others, like the ones being reviewed today are sweet cookie sandwiches.  So how did these sweet creme cookie sandwiches fare?

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