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We Can do it Better: Taco Bell Chicken Flatbread Sandwich

Erik has already admitted to being a recovering Taco Bell addict. The thing that makes this journey the hardest, and most temps relapse are their cheap chicken flatbreads. The one he specifically misses the most is the chipotle chicken flatbread. The chipotle chicken flatbread sandwiches were originally released in the summer of 2011 for a limited time, and have occasionally been re-released for limited runs since then. The sandwiches were made on square flatbreads with marinated grilled chicken, cheddar, pepper jack and mozzarella cheeses, and a chipotle sauce. A simple, but delicious concoction.

This is a picture of the Taco Bell version, if you couldn't tell.

This is a picture of the Taco Bell version, if you couldn’t tell.

Luckily for Erik, and you dear reader, it’s absurdly easy to make your own Taco Bell chicken flatbread sandwiches at home.

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Christmas Cookie Roundup: Make Your Own Yoshi’s Cookies!

T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, we’re all baking cookies, something something mouse. That was ham-fisted, yes, but I’m pressed for time to attend the annual Italian ritual of attempting to cook enough fish on one given night to cause mass extinction of several species. I hate fish, you see, as does Meg. So naturally we’re making a pizza tonight. Now if I may be ham-fistedly make a random segue…

Anyone remember that video game Yoshi’s Cookie? It was a puzzle game for older game consoles like Super Nintendo and the original Game Boy. It featured you playing as the Super Mario character, Yoshi (a green dinosaur that loves to eat), controlling a field of cookies in which you must line up different versions of the cookies in order for them to be cleared away.


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The Cereal Report: The Return of Fruity Yummy Mummy

So Halloween is less than a week away, and spirits are high, so to speak. I can’t say whether to take that literally or metaphorically since I feel it could be misconstrued that ghosts are smoking pot. That’s entirely possible, though I’m not sure whether they’d be potheads who smoked so much weed that they continued to do so in the afterlife, or if they’re just really stressed out ghosts who were recently hooked up, in which case they’re probably the most laid back, least effective ghouls in the history of monsters. Regardless, what I meant to say is that most people I know enjoy Halloween, and those who don’t will probably be brutally murdered on the night of, for not believing or something like that. As such, it’s high-time for another Monster Cereal review which I hope will find you in due time, since these cereals will be off shelves again soon. Admittedly I’m getting kiiinda sick of them personally since it’s been my breakfast nearly everyday since late September, but hey, ’tis the season. Let’s take a gander at the final lot of the group, Fruity Yummy Mummy.


I didn’t write “The Return of Fruity Yummy Mummy” in the article title to be dramatic. That’s literally the official name of the cereal now.


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The Cereal Report: The Return of Fruit Brute

I’ll be the first to admit I’m a big kid at heart. Not quite a manchild, on account of the negative connotation it brings, but I do spend the majority of my free time playing video games and watching cartoons. A good example of this reigns in my recent discovery that Monster Cereals were back in stores for the season. After a particularly gruesome ambulance call, I departed the fire department when getting home, and needed to deposit money into the bank. Immediately following this I saw the Halloween section of Pathmark and proceeded to buy three boxes of cartoon-monster themed cereals, since that’s what all people working as first responders do after leaving work. I also bought a Super Mario Bros. game too, but that’s just pouring it on at this point. You get the idea.


It helps me unwind. That and whiskey. Preferably together.

Interestingly enough, after resurrecting (no pun intended, I swear) Frankenberry and Booberry a few years ago, General Mills brought back Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy for this Halloween. That’s fairly awesome for all of us people born after 1984 when it was discontinued. So pull up a chair and feel important! This is the first time in almost three decades Fruit Brute has been on shelves.

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The Cereal Report: Peanut Butter Toast Crunch

One of the greater tragedies of the last decade was the loss of one of my favorite cereals, French Toast Crunch. It was still around at first, it just just wasn’t the same, having its formula changed drastically several years ago, and finally being discontinued since the new formula was shitty. Since then I was very skeptical towards any of the Toast Crunch cereals, sort of aloof and even somewhat protesting of them. That is, up until I read that General Mills was bringing back Peanut Butter Toast Crunch, which existed many years ago for a short period of time, and which I had never been able to try. Considering Meg and I love peanut butter enough to have covered it in Midnight Snack already, you can imagine my elation upon finding this bad boy in stores once again.

Also the series of words

Does he really need to be pointing to the jar of peanut butter? We get the idea.

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