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Quick Recipe: Avocado Breakfast Toast

Most mornings I’m satisfied having a bagel, cereal, or oatmeal for breakfast. But some mornings I just wake up wanting more. When that happens I usually turn to eggs. They’re yummy, full of protein, and fast to make. But eating just scrambled or over easy eggs with buttered toast can get boring. That means it’s time to mix things up! On the particular morning that I came up with this I happened to have half of an avocado lying around that I wanted to use before it went bad, so I proceeded from there.

DSCF7430 (2)

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Pizza Lab #37: Peppermint Christmas Pizza

Happy New Year to all our faithful readers, as well as any new faces who just stumbled onto Poor Couple’s Food Guide. 2015 is almost completely gone, but luckily for you, we’ve got one last Pizza Lab to squeeze in before 2016 starts up. T’is the season to be festive, and as such we designed a true Christmastime pizza. Let’s ring in the New Year right, by eating dessert pizza!



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The Snack Report: Ritz Fudge Covered Crackers

I feel like we’ve said this before in Snack Report, but it seems like everybody has jumped onto the “limited edition” bandwagon lately. Oreos have become the worst offender, but nearly every snack food has dipped its toe into the limited edition waters. One of the latest to join in is Ritz crackers. Their limited edition offering is Fudge Covered Ritz. We first saw these in the grocery store last week, and this week they just happened to be on sale, so I decided to give them a try. I was actually kind of excited about them because I really enjoy crackers. Cheese and crackers and peanut butter and crackers are classic snacks, but I’ll also just snack on crackers plain. So the prospect of a dessert cracker was intriguing.


The chocolate plus salt combo is nothing new. It has gained in popularity over the past few years though. Chocolate covered pretzels and peanuts have been around for a long time. And chocolate covered potato chips entered the scene a bit later. There’s even chocolate covered bacon. So chocolate covered crackers really isn’t that far out of an idea. But can they stand up to their predecessors?

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Pizza Lab #35: Twix Pizza or Chocolate Caramel Cookie Pizza

A few weeks ago I was at work on the docks of Fire Island, and I saw some kids eating Starburst. Though “eating” is a really generous way of describing it, since they were all shoving like 3 or 4 pieces at a time into their shitty middle school mouths. It really made me think to myself for the first time ever, like, “Man, candy is frigging disgusting.” Just another thing reminding me that I’m getting older, I guess. But nonetheless, I will fully admit that with Halloween fast-approaching I will still probably partake in some consumption of the aforementioned sugar trash, guiltily.

Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate all chocolate and confections, per se, but rather the cheap and sad excuses for chocolate designed for impulse buying at every store on planet Earth. Real chocolate, decent quality chocolate is delicious, and the same goes for caramel and other sugary treats. As with everything, if you concoct your own creations at home with fresh ingredients, it’ll taste better and be better for you. That brings me to my next point… Twix Pizza.


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The Snack Report: Thomas’ Apple Pie English Muffins

I first spotted these limited edition English muffins while I was at the store just picking up milk. They looked and smelled delicious, so I made a mental note to pick some up sooner rather than later (can’t dilly-dally with limited edition things when you don’t know how long they’ll be around for!). Luckily for me, they ended up being on sale the next week, so off to my house they went. Thomas’ makes good English muffins, so I figured these would be pretty good.

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