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Pizza Lab #23: Grilled Caramel Apple Pizza

It’s no secret that we love apples. We’ve made apple cider, apple pancakes, and even apple fries! Hell, I spent the past three weeks reviewing apple ciders. Simply put, apples are the best. Although we’ve dabbled in this combination before, it’s been at least a year since our last one. Of course I speak of an apple pizza. Pizza lab has featured sweet pies with fruit a number of times, so it’s only natural to return to one of our favorite fruits. Plus, it’s actually pretty Fall-themed too, so that makes this post quite timely. Today’s featured Pizza Lab is Grilled Caramel Apple Pizza.



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Pizza Lab #22: Grilled Pineapple Pizza

Well, it’s officially Fall. We’ve been trying to wring out every ounce left of this Summer, for all it had left. The past few weeks have been busy, but Meg A. and I still managed to fit in one last summery Pizza Lab. Of course at this point it’s become a running joke since every time we try to grill a pizza, we tend to misjudge our time and end up grilling in the dark. This time we vowed to avoid that and finally do a barbecue grill pizza during daylight hours!

We were not successful.

However despite our scheduling ineptitude we managed to put together a really tasty, unique pie that certainly was a good way to see off the end of the summertime. Here’s Pizza Lab #22, Grilled Pineapple Pizza!



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Quick Recipe: Grilled Garlic Naan

For those of you coming to this recipe after seeing our cooking demo at the Long Island Garlic Festival this past weekend, welcome! We’re glad you liked our demo/free samples enough to try making this recipe yourself.  I hope you’ll check out and try some of our other recipes as well.

Most people’s experience with naan is from eating it in Indian restaurants. Naan is a leavened flatbread that originated in Asia.  Traditionally it is baked in a clay oven called a tandoor, but since we, and I’m assuming most of you, don’t have a tandoor we’ve taken to cooking it on the grill.  And if you don’t have a grill, or the weather isn’t conducive to grilling outdoors, you can also use a cast iron grill pan.  Trust me –  you’re going to want to find a way to make this naan.  It’s garlicky, and buttery, and delicious.   And it goes great with chicken tikka.


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Pizza Lab #21: S’mores Pizza

August is one of my favorite months. And yet it’s a shame this August has been one of the coldest ones in recent history, here on Long Island. We might be approaching Fall at an annoying pace, but that doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze out a few more weeks of Summery activities, so long as the weather doesn’t go completely to hell and we somehow end up with snow in September. We decided to squeeze in one last grilled pizza for the season, and ohhh man was it a good one. Pizza Lab takes on the firepit favorite, s’mores, marking our very first grilled dessert pizza.


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Food 101: Barbecue Basics and How To Grill

It’s the first official day of Summer, and you can bet your ass there’s gonna be ton of barbecues today! The two go hand in hand, thanks to grilling being a particularly outdoorsy activity. Sure, you can barbecue food during winter, but the comic relief will be off the charts. Beside that, there’s still just something charming about seasonal cuisines, and so leaving the grilled food to summertime just seems right in a sense. Grilled foods, afterall, are one of the healthiest ways to cook. They contain less fat due to it dripping away under the high heat, and don’t need breading or extensive manipulation, meaning they’re easy to prepare gluten-free or for people with other food allergies.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Some people don’t know how to grill. What do you do if you’ve never done it before? Hell, as far as cooking methods go, grilling is potentially one of the more… not ‘dangerous’ ones per se, but rather you do need to know the proper techniques involved in grilling or you can either injure yourself or just totally ruin the food. If you’re an out and out dad and can grill in your sleep, fantastic. This post is here for everyone who’s trying it for the first time, or just wants the knowledge for future reference.


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