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We Can Do It Better: Glazed Pineapple Cookies

So, I fully intended to remake these cookies a lot sooner than this.  However between Christmas, a string of birthdays, and then Easter it’s kind of been dessert overload over here for the past few months.  Only now that most of the dessert baking occasions have passed did I really feel inspired to give these cookies another go.

If you remember from the original Test the Recipe post, following that recipe the cookies came out fine, but weren’t really very pineapple-y and the glaze was kind of a disaster.  So my mission was to bring more pineapple to the cookies while also improving the glaze.  Luckily this was kind of a two birds with one stone type situation.  So, what changes did I make?


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Test the Recipe: Glazed Pineapple Cookies

“Test the Recipe” is a recurring column on PCFG where we test vintage (anything published before 1990) recipes and see if they stand the test of time or need updating. In this post we test the recipe as exactly as possible for the most accurate outcomes. Those recipes that need updating will be featured later in a “We Can Do It Better” post.

I knew when I started the “Test the Recipe” column that I had to do at least one cookie recipe around Christmas-time. I didn’t want to take on any family favorite Christmas cookie recipes though, mainly because I already know that they’re good. To find a new old cookie recipe I turned to a book from Erik’s mom, McCall’s Cookie Collection from 1974.


There are a lot of interesting cookie recipes in here, but I wanted one that was definitely different from the cookies I knew me, Erik, and our moms would be making. I ultimately decided on this one because it was different from the usual Christmas cookies but also still had a bit of a Christmas call-back since it sounded like it could be a bit fruitcake-esque (without being a food no one wants to eat). So I set to work testing this glazed pineapple cookie recipe.

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Pizza Lab #34: Teriyaki Burger Pizza

Earlier this year, Erik was lamenting not eating hamburgers anymore because he missed making teriyaki burgers. So I suggested – why not just make turkey teriyaki burgers instead? And thus Erik got his burgers back. And we enjoyed some really yummy turkey burgers this summer. I had never had a teriyaki burger before, but Erik was raving about them so much, obviously now I wanted to have one too. And guys, they’re really good. They’re like your favorite stir-fry in burger form. So when the discussion for this month’s Pizza Lab rolled around something capturing our summer of turkey burgers seemed appropriate. We fully intended to make this pizza as a bit of a last hurrah to summer, much as the month of September itself is. Unfortunately time got the better of us and we ended up making this pizza on the first day of autumn. But it’s the thought that counts right?


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Smoothie Sunday: Pineapple Carrot Smoothie

While I was looking up carrot cake recipes to get ideas for my carrot cake smoothie I stumbled upon a few that contained pineapple. I was intrigued by this combination and figured it would work well for a smoothie too. While it is another carrot smoothie that was semi-inspired by carrot cake, it tastes different enough from the carrot cake smoothie thanks to the pineapple. The pineapple really adds a lovely citrus tang. Drink this smoothie and you won’t have to worry about getting scurvy and you’ll be able to see in the dark better.

What you'll need

What you’ll need

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Food 101: How To Make Shish Kebab

Everyone knows my favorite season is Summer. Everything about it is awesome. The weather is great, you can enjoy being outside, plants are in bloom, fresh fruits and vegetables are growing, and the list goes on… I guess if you don’t tolerate heat well, you could go on about the weather not being great and drag in that tired, pointless argument of ‘Derp but if you’re cold you can always put on more layers, if it’s hot you can’t take more clothes off.’ Seriously that explanation makes sense in the very plainest of forms, but it makes absolutely no sense in the real world. Also, I doooo love when people in the first world with air conditioned homes and air conditioned cars and pools and refrigerators and freezers list off their white person problems and piss and moan about how it’s too hot during the Summertime. Oh I do love it!

But really, come on, how can anyone complain when it’s barbecue season? Definitely, inarguably one specific great point about Summer is grilling, which cements it in the running with Autumn when ranking seasons based on their food. We’ve already explained how to grill in another post, but now we’re gonna talk about one tried and true favorite, skewered meat, AKA shish kebab!


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