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Pizza Lab #34: Teriyaki Burger Pizza

Earlier this year, Erik was lamenting not eating hamburgers anymore because he missed making teriyaki burgers. So I suggested – why not just make turkey teriyaki burgers instead? And thus Erik got his burgers back. And we enjoyed some really yummy turkey burgers this summer. I had never had a teriyaki burger before, but Erik was raving about them so much, obviously now I wanted to have one too. And guys, they’re really good. They’re like your favorite stir-fry in burger form. So when the discussion for this month’s Pizza Lab rolled around something capturing our summer of turkey burgers seemed appropriate. We fully intended to make this pizza as a bit of a last hurrah to summer, much as the month of September itself is. Unfortunately time got the better of us and we ended up making this pizza on the first day of autumn. But it’s the thought that counts right?


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