Pizza Lab #46: Butterfingers Pizza

Though it’s being posted late, this was October’s Pizza Lab.  Since October’s main event is Halloween and we were due for a dessert pizza, we decided to take our inspiration from Halloween candy.  We’re both huge fans of the chocolate/peanut butter combination so we tend to return to it frequently.  Butterfingers and Reese’s are both at the top of my list of favorite candies.  Since we’ve already done a Reese’s peanut butter cup inspired pizza, we turned instead to Butterfingers.  We decided pretty quickly that we wanted to use Butterfingers, but figuring out what else to put on the pizza took a bit more time.  Obviously chocolate and peanut butter would be involved somehow.  But just putting chocolate, peanut butter and chopped up Butterfingers on would be a bit too similar to the Reese’s pizza.  We had to get more creative.


While trying to figure out what might go well with Butterfingers we stumbled upon a recipe for peanut butter mousse pie that I immediately decided we’d have to make with any leftover Butterfingers we had.  This discovery sparked the idea of using mousse as the “sauce” for this pizza.  The question now was, do we use a chocolate mousse and peanut butter drizzle, or peanut butter mousse and chocolate drizzle?  I made the executive decision to use peanut butter mousse because I knew if we made chocolate mousse Erik would eat it all before it made it to the pizza.

Since the base of this pizza was a food that needs to be refrigerated we had to totally bake the crust before adding the other ingredients like we did for the ice cream pizza.  All we did before putting the crust in the oven was the baking soda wash and a sprinkle of cocoa sugar.


Once the crust baked and cooled we added the peanut butter mousse.


It turns out that no mousse is safe from Erik and I had to work quickly to make sure it made it onto the crust.  Then we sprinkled the mousse with chopped up Butterfingers, and topped the whole thing with a drizzle of melted chocolate.


So how’d it turn out?  It was really good!  The Butterfingers added a nice crunch and overall the pizza definitely had a Butterfingers vibe.  The peanut butter mousse was delicious and probably one of the best things we could have used.  Anything else might have stolen the show from the candy.  All in all it was another successful dessert pizza.


Overall Rating:

Nobody Better Lay A Finger on My Butterfinger Pizza


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