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Smoothie Sunday: Prickly Pear Kiwi Smoothie

So, my original intention for this smoothie was to be kiwi and star fruit, but my usual grocery store didn’t have any star fruit.  I scoured another local grocery store for star fruit and came up empty, but I needed some other fruit to go with the kiwis.  Then I spotted the prickly pears.  I’d eaten prickly pears once before a long time ago and had vague memories of liking them, so I decided to give it a try.  Prickly pears are the fruit of a cactus.  Out in nature they have spikes on them like the rest of the cactus.  But when you buy them in stores the spikes have been removed so there’s no danger of stabbing.  They do however still have a bunch of annoying seeds inside.  Experimenting with new fruits is always a little tricky, but the kiwi and prickly pear flavors went well together so it was worth it in the end.



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Pizza Lab #44: Ice Cream Pizza

Ice cream is a staple summer dessert.  Technically you can eat ice cream year round, but summer is when it really shines.  They even send trucks out to practically deliver ice cream to your house!  While that familiar jingle is a welcome sound of summer, you have to admit, in the dark evenings of winter it’d sound kinda creepy.  You’re also much more likely to want to eat a freezing cold treat when it’s hot out than when it’s freezing outside too.  Since August is the last full month of summer we wanted to make this month’s pizza lab nice and summer-y.  It was also time for a dessert pizza.  So as you may infer from the previous sentences, summer + dessert = ice cream!

That’s right.  We made an ice cream pizza.  It seems impossible at first, since pizza is baked and ice cream is frozen.  But as I’m sure many of us are aware, cold/room temperature pizza is a delicacy of its own, and so the step up to frozen isn’t actually that far of a leap.  Ice cream cake is a beloved party dessert (unless you’re Erik), so why not ice cream pizza?


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Smoothie Sunday: Blackberry Mango Smoothie

I have to admit I don’t have a ton to say about the creation of this smoothie.  I had a mango left from a dinner I made earlier in the week that was very ripe and needed to be used, and the blackberries were starting to be ripe in Erik’s parents’ yard.  I wasn’t sure how the combination would work, but it turned out pretty yummy!  I felt like I had to use more honey than I usually do in smoothies, but the blackberries were pretty tart, so that’s probably why.  If you have sweeter blackberries you likely won’t need as much sweetener.  I have to say, mangos are one of my favorite fruits to use in smoothies.  I really enjoy mango flavor, but just eating mangos can be kind of messy and sometimes you end up with mango fibers stuck between your teeth which is incredibly frustrating.   Now that I’ve taken up enough room rambling…on to the recipe!


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Smoothie Sunday: Watermelon Blueberry Smoothie

I tried making a watermelon smoothie in the past and found it to be too watery, but I’d been eating a lot of good watermelon this year and wanted to try again.  I also had a lot of blueberries lying around, so I decided to combine the two.  This is somewhat similar to the Blueberry Melon smoothie I made last year, but the flavors are different enough that I think they can stand on their own as individual smoothies.  Fortunately this time the smoothie didn’t turn out too watery.  Most likely due to the addition of yogurt this time instead of just using milk like I did last time.  It wasn’t the thickest smoothie in the world, but it wasn’t just a juice drink either.  But it was still nice and refreshing.

What you'll need

What you’ll need

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Pizza Lab #43: Grilled Corn Pizza

Somehow we let the month of June slip by us without doing a Pizza Lab.  We’re still not entirely sure what happened, but it did; we let you and ourselves down.  So we definitely couldn’t let another month go by.  We were going to stay on top of things and get it done early in the month!  We had ideas of doing a red, white, and blue pizza for the 4th of July.  Yet somehow we ended up just getting around to doing Pizza Lab last week.  Where does the time keep going?  We decided too much time had passed since the 4th of July for red, white, and blue pizza to be relevant, so we opted instead for a summery pizza.

There are many classic summer-time foods.  One such food is corn on the cob.  Sure you can get frozen or canned corn year round, but good corn for eating off the cob is only available from around the 4th of July until Columbus Day.  Perhaps these dates are shifted a little in other parts of the country, but here on Long Island at least, that’s the time to hit up the farm stands and get yourself some local corn.  Erik is currently in the throes of his annual grilled corn obsession, so it’s no surprise we ended up featuring it on a pizza.  It took a lot of brainstorming to figure out what else to put on the pizza other than corn though.


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