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Recipe Time: Grilled French Toast


Wait! Stop! Don’t drool directly onto your dumb iPad! Shit’s expensive, dude.

Summer may be on its way out, but there’s still plenty of time left for grilling before November hits (yes, that’s right word of God states November is officially the end of grilling season). We recently decided to toy around with something that’s a bit of a missing link in the culinary chain. Grilling is great, and throwing stuff on the grill that doesn’t normally get grilled results in awesome things. Hell that’s one of the reasons why grilled desserts ended up becoming a thing. Yet, despite all that has been done with grilling, breakfast has mysteriously remained outside of the barbecue loop… Sure, you may once in a while hear about people grilling bacon, but it’s usually on the side of lunch or dinner. We decided to jump headfirst into this mystery, and came up with something magical.

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Cheat Codes: Save Your Condiment Containers For A Later Date!

Condiments are great.Ā  Virtually every type of cuisine on the planet features some sort of condiments to go alongside its dishes. If variety is the spice of life, then condiments are the spice of food. Well… you know, besides actual spices. Afterall, french fries are pointless without ketchup and chicken fingers without honey mustard is a crime against humanity. But let’s face it, the vast majority of sauces and dressings we use are liquids that don’t hold up against the almighty force of gravity. Sure you can pour your favorite salsa out onto a plate and thrash your corn tortillas around in it like some sort of gluten intolerant caveman, but why do that when you can do better?


For reals. Don’t be save. Not cool dude.

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Cheat Codes: Save Your Used Fry Oil

I think I’ve mentioned before on here that fried foods get a bad rep. Sure, if you roll on down to Burger King and wolf down two boxes of fries, then yeah that’s a bad idea. But homemade food that’s fried in healthy oils and served fresh can be pretty innocuous when it comes to their nutritional content. When cooked properly, homemade chicken fingers or french fries can contain very little oil left on them, and the little bit that’s there will mostly contain healthy, unsaturated fats with virtually no cholesterol.

But obviously the downside here is that buying healthy oils like canola can be a bit more on the expensive side. Fortunately, there’s a really easy way to cut down on its costs: saving your used oil after you finish frying.



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The Cereal Report: Millville Blueberry Crunch

The Cereal Report is a column in which PCFG conducts various cereal reviews, of new or limited products, as well as providing brief backgrounds on the cereal. Cereal is delicious and fairly cheap as far as meals go. Everyone should eat cereal!

Recently, an Aldi supermarket opened nearby us and we’ve started doing a lot of grocery shopping there due to their super delightful prices. Recently we picked up the following cereal:


Much to my own pleasant surprise, this turned out to be one of my new favorite cereals, and not just because it only cost $2 bucks.


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Pizza Lab #21: S’mores Pizza

August is one of my favorite months. And yet it’s a shame this August has been one of the coldest ones in recent history, here on Long Island. We might be approaching Fall at an annoying pace, but that doesn’t mean we can’t squeeze out a few more weeks of Summery activities, so long as the weather doesn’t go completely to hell and we somehow end up with snow in September. We decided to squeeze in one last grilled pizza for the season, and ohhh man was it a good one. Pizza Lab takes on the firepit favorite, s’mores, marking our very first grilled dessert pizza.


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