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The Snack Report: 1911 Pumpkin Hard Cider

Another week in October goes by, and so the world grows more and more orange. That’s cool though, save for a few idiotically cold days last weekend, it’s been a really awesome Fall so far. Continuing from last week’s snack report which covered Woodchuck’s Private Reserve, this week we take a look at a lesser-known brand, 1911 Hard Cider.


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Garlic Recipe Roundup

In preparation for our cooking demonstration at the Long Island Garlic Festival this week, we decided to round up some of our favorite garlic themed posts. Hopefully you’ll come stop by and check it out!  If you’re not nearby enough to come watch us cook and listen to us talk though, you can still make some garlicky food this weekend to celebrate all things garlic with us in spirit.

Food 101: How to Roast Garlic

Not really a recipe, but important garlic cooking knowledge. Knowing how to roast garlic opens up other culinary doors.

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Food 101: How to Make a Pizza

As you may have guessed by now if you’ve spent any time on the blog at all, we’re big fans of pizza.  Pizza is one of the most perfect foods around.  It’s delicious, it’s portable, and it’s relatively cheap both to buy and make.  Specialty slices are great, but nothing beats a really good regular cheese slice.  The sauce, the cheese, the crust…they all just go perfectly together.  In my opinion pizza is comfort food at its finest.  There’s no problem pizza can’t solve.

It can even double as a Frisbee!

It can even double as a Frisbee!

Now we make a lot of specialty pizzas (at least one per month),and we’re all for people experimenting with their own fun pizzas, but with all things you should master the basics before moving on to the advanced.  So this post will go over the basic pizza making techniques for those who may be less familiar with pizza making than we are (and there’s nothing wrong with that!).

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Big Plans Happening For Poor Couple’s Food Guide

Some of you may have noticed that Meg and myself have been posting a bit less than usual lately. Recipe of the week has kinda become more of a bi-weekly occurrence, and our Food 101 posts have also slowed down. Yet at the same time views have been going up, and that makes us feel a bit guilty. Well, we’d like to take this post as an opportunity to explain some of what’s been going on lately.

Here's a picture of Kobe.

Here’s a picture of Kobe.

People close to us are probably aware that Meg A. is currently in the home stretch of her graduate program at Parson’s New School For Design, and thus preparing for her Master’s final examination. Anyone of you whom is in or has gone to grad school can attest to the absurd amounts of studying involved in this, so you can see why this would limit one’s ability to partake in blogging.
At the same time, I’ve been hard at work with a few things myself. On top of some professional certification classes to take care of, I’ve also been hard at work finishing production on an album for my electronic music side project Gentleman.BOSS the past month or so. So suffice to say, the two of us have been busy.

But! This post isn’t all bad news. Fortunately, come mid April, we’ll both be freed up once again and ready to bring back our regular posting schedule of three posts per week. Besides that, we’ve got some big updates taking place as well! As you may have noticed, as of today, PCFG now has its own Twitter, so those of you not on Facebook can still follow our updates, and keep up to date on various mundane details we deem Tweet-worthy! Additionally, you can all look forward to us creating our very own Youtube channel this Spring as well.

So as you can see, things may be slow now, but give it a few weeks and there’ll be even more ways to keep up with Poor Couple’s Food Guide and learn awesome ways to keep cooking while on a budget! We hope you’re as excited as we are! If there’s any questions or requests anyone has, feel free to let us know! Stay hungry!

We Can Do It Better: Disco Rings (or Cheesy French Onion Soup Rings)

A few weeks ago, this picture popped up on my Facebook newsfeed courtesy of Ted Allen (host of Chopped)’s fan page.

Original photo credit for this goes to Ted Allen I believe.

Original photo credit for this goes to Ted Allen I believe.

The caption indicated that they were cheesy French onion soup rings.  I immediately Googled this concoction and discovered that they’re a menu item at the New York City restaurant Alder.  I immediately sent the picture to Erik saying something along the lines of “Holy shit these look amazing, we need to make them immediately.  They’re pretty much just disco fries with onion rings.”  He agreed and thus our version, which we’ve been calling disco rings, was born.

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