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The Snack Report: Unique Pretzels Splits

Pretzels are such an overlooked little snack food. Snacks get a bad rep thanks to classic junk foods like Doritos and Cheetos and Fritos, which all magically rhyme, something I never quite noticed before… Weird. But alas, the poor pretzel does not deserve to be lumped into the same category, as they are actually relatively benign in the grand scheme of snackature. Pretzels are merely tiny, little breads. Cool-shaped, miniature breadsticks with some salt. There’s nothing particularly malicious in them. Sure, they’re not a nutrient-laden power food, but let’s be honest here; if you’re worried about cramming vitamins and nutrition into your snacking then you either have a shitty diet, or your diet is so good that you get enough nutrients from your other food of the day. They’re not bad for you by any stretch of the imagination. Rather, pretzels are merely a fun, little snack, and that’s it. Unfortunately because of this, many brands of storebought pretzels seem to really just be cop-outs. You see a lot of bland, generic ones that sorta just have a boring, salty starch flavor. They’re good in a pinch, or to serve en masse with dip, but if you’re a true fan of pretzels like myself, you’re gonna wanna find a REAL pretzel brand that knows what they’re doing.

Not the pretzels we need, the pretzels we DESERVE.

Not the pretzels we need, the pretzels we DESERVE.


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Recipe Time: Kare-Raisu (Japanese Curry) カレーライス

I’ve gone on about curry before. But really, what’s not to like? It’s delicious, exotic, good for you, and relatively easy to make (provided you have all the ingredients). One thing that I particularly enjoy is discovering new ways to make curry dishes. Every new one I find is familiar, but has its own little twist on it. A year or so ago, I discovered the concept of Japanese curry. It’s weird to think of it, since curry itself derives from India for the most part, and is also popular in Thai cuisine as well. But Japan? No way. But that’s where “yoshoku” comes in.


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The Snack Report: Simply Nature Pumpkin Seed Tortilla Chips

We’re in the heart of fall, which means everything we review must be pumpkin. I kid, of course. Not everything has to be pumpkin. It just so happens that a lot of the stuff we’ve been reviewing lately is pumpkin. But that’s because most of the limited edition snacks and beverages out now are pumpkin or pumpkin spice flavored. Today’s pumpkin offering is, I think anyway, one of the more unique pumpkin items available this year: pumpkin seed tortilla chips. We found them when we were wandering around Aldi looking for appropriate snacks for our fall party. Unfortunately Simply Nature is an Aldi exclusive brand, so if there isn’t an Aldi store near you you’re going to have to sit this one out. Or have a friend or family member who does have a local Aldi go and buy it for you. Without giving away too much of the review before the “read more” cut, I will say that they’re worth the effort.


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Quick Recipe: Pulled Pork Mango Burrito

I’m about to state an opinion that some people might not agree with, but here we go: pork isn’t really that good unless it’s slow cooked. There’s just something about the meat that needs the benefit of slow cooking to really sing. That being said, one of my favorite and easiest slow cooked pork recipes is pulled pork. It’s delicious and there are also almost always leftovers to use in different ways. One way I came up with to use up leftovers was to use it in a burrito. While places like Taco Bell don’t usually feature pork, at real Mexican restaurants you’ll generally find at least a few dishes featuring it. So while I’m in no way claiming this is an authentic Mexican dish, it’s not that far out there either.


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Cheat Codes: How To Make A Tostada Meal

People who are following PCFG may remember tostadas, from our post on how to make your own Crunchwrap from Taco Bell. They’re a lightly fried, crispy, corn tortilla that somewhat resemble a giant tortilla chip or a flat taco shell. They work really well for a number of different simple dishes or recipes.

But wait, actually, a tostada is also just the name of a meal in Mexican cuisine. Shit, this might be confusing. (Actually, it’s pretty simple. It’s made out of the aforementioned tostadas, and can  be prepared in minutes.)


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