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Youtube Video: Quiet Cooking – Fried Rice

So in case you haven’t heard, Poor Couple’s Food Guide is officially on Youtube now! We’ve already posted quite a few videos on there for you to enjoy, and look forward to getting our content to you in video form as well. BUT don’t worry! The Youtube channel is not going to be a replacement for PCFG on the web. Nothing will ever be exclusive to our videos, and we will continue to bring you a few posts per week like we always have. None of that will change! Our Youtube vids will simply be a supplement to the already existing content on the site, which will never go away. Which brings me to our latest video…

One of our series we’re debuting on the channel is a line we like to call Quiet Cooking. Ever feel the need for some nice, ambient, background noises? Some people take solace in the sounds of the kitchen, finding it to be very soothing. If you’re one of those people who just loves to sit back and enjoy some good environmental soundscapes like that, you’ll be pleased to know we here at PCFG are lookin’ out for you. These videos are not just for relaxing though! We’ll still use them as a means to give tips and tutorials on cooking, including a full recipe. So check out this premiere episode of Quiet Cooking. And if you’re the type of person into relaxation videos or ASMR or ambient noise, we do have an extended version of the video that’s a full 22 minutes long on our channel. Enjoy!

Spices 101: What is Sansho Pepper?

Recently we went over the interesting quirks behind black pepper, and how it’s not really a pepper but really more of a berry, and how they start off as these weird little green things, and so on and so forth. You may remember that red peppercorns weren’t really technically peppercorns, but were instead a similar berry from a different plant. Today we’re going to learn about yet another look-alike (taste-alike?) of black pepper, sansho pepper.




Origin: Japan
Appearance: Light green powder OR small green berries
Scent: Fruity, zesty
Taste: Citric, spicy, warm
Japanese, other Asian
Rareness: Rare



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Valentine’s Post: How To Cook As A Couple!

Today we’re gonna talk about cooking as a couple. Working together as partners. Being a team in the kitchen. And actually I have to admit I’m surprised we haven’t really written about this subject yet considering we’re called Poor Couple’s Food Guide. But I guess the last three years have just been busy.


(Actually, no, we just keep forgetting to)


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Food 101: How To Make Oven Fries

French fries are pretty much perfect. They’re delicious, easy to make, and it’s almost impossible to screw them up. The only real criticism you could make against them is that even though homemade fried foods aren’t inherently “bad” for you, they still are a few more calories compared to their baked counterparts. So if you’re looking for a diet-friendly alternative to french fries, there’s always oven fries!


Also, there’s potatoes. Just… raw-ass potatoes.

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Spices 101: What is Pepper?

Go to your dining table right now. Go look at your place setting. What are the two things that always must be there. That’s right salt, and pepper. And don’t tell me you don’t have salt and pepper, because everybody knows a real dining table’s gotta have salt and pepper shakers. If you don’t have ’em, buy ’em. But hey, what is salt and pepper, exactly?

Actually I take that back, everyone knows what salt is. It’s salt. It’s made of sodium and chlorine and turns into a cool, white crystal rock thing that makes all food taste better. But! Let’s be real, everyone here has seen pepper before, but most people like yourself are probably dying to know what it really is. Well, I’m glad you asked.

Black Pepper

Origin: India
Appearance: Very small, round, black berries
Scent: Fruity, spicy
Taste: Spicy, dark, pungent
Like everything ever
Rareness: Common


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