PCFG Deep Dish Podcast – Episode 3: Penne Alla Vodka!

In this episode, we take a look at a true New York favorite, penne alla vodka. This rich, creamy, vodka-infused pasta dish has a disputed origin with some people claiming it was invented in Italy, and some saying it was invented state-side! Which was it? Listen to find out!


  • New York is hot as HELL this week! Speaking of New York, PCFG Erik can’t help but let their inner New Yorker burst forth and take over!
  • Penne alla vodka is only about as old as the internet…? Seriously?
  • Fire. SO much fire.
  • Who the frig is Gigi Hadid and why is she cooking penne alla vodka on TikTok? Also, cue millenial rant about TikTok in 3..2..1…
  • Another round of Shitty Old Recipes takes us to possibly one of the worst cookie recipes of all time! (Is it fair to even call them “cookies”??)

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Episode 11: Chicken Tikka Masala! Deep Dish: Twisted Food History!

In this episode of Deep Dish, we head over to India…or…Scotland? and cozy up with some curry.  Which country can lay claim to the origin of Chicken Tikka Masala?  Has the UK finally redeemed itself, culinarily speaking?  You’ll have to listen to find out!HighlightsWe revisit some beloved childhood snacks, inspired by our recent purchase of the s’mores lookalike Mallowmars! We finally cover the rise of a food that DOESN’T correspond to the Industrial Revolution!  PCFG Erik puts on his best British accent to discuss some fine*, traditional British dishes. (*Not fine)There’s like three different curry dishes that are all basically the same thing… It’s so confusing.The introduction of a new dessert topic – Poor Taste!  We take a look at Taco Bell’s newest item, and it’s not what you would expect.
  1. Episode 11: Chicken Tikka Masala!
  2. Episode 10: Off Topic! Weird Anniversary Gift Traditions, The Hamptons, Audio Issues!
  3. Episode 9: Ice Cream Sandwiches!
  4. Episode 8: S’Mores!
  5. Episode 7: Lemonade!

Next week we’ll be serving up a dish that’s similar to our first episode’s topic soda bread, though this one’s an interesting one because it’s a lot younger, only existing for about 100 years, kinda like hamburgers.  It straddles the line between sweet treat dessert, and legitimate breakfast bread that you can enjoy on the go without feeling like a shlub. Think you know what it is?
Think you know what it might be? Submit your guesses on Facebook, Instagram, or in the comments below, and if you’re correct we’ll give you a shoutout on next week’s show! Until then, stay hungry, peeps!

This show is in early stages of creation so for now we’re doing a preliminary trial run of 5 episodes. If you like them, let us know on social media and we’ll keep making them!

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