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Quick Recipe: Clover Tea

Tea is pretty awesome cuz it’s so easy to make. Even better, the not-technically-tea version of tea, ’tisane’, can be made of pretty much anything. Notably, you can steep various common edible plants to make a quick, poor man’s tea in the blink of an eye, after some easy foraging in your yard. Obviously not all will taste good, so be discerning. A common one that actually works really well is clover tea! Look for the tall ones with the purple flowers, they have a sweeter, less grassy taste than the short ones with white flowers. That said, white flowers will still work, it’ll just taste a bit more like green tea than white tea.

Oh and the four-leaf clover isn’t necessary, though it will add a ton of luckiness to your hot leaf juice (probably).

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Tea Time: Garlic Green Tea

One handy feature on the behind the scenes aspect of this blog is that we can see what kind of search terms people used to find our blog.  Sometimes though, people find our blog through search terms for something that we don’t actually have directly on our site.  It always makes me a little sad when this happens, thinking about someone coming here and then leaving disappointed.  So whenever possible I want to try and remedy that.  One search that’s come up a few times is “garlic green tea” or some variation on that.  And while we have our regular garlic tea (and also garlic lemonade) recipe, I want to give the people what they’re looking for!  So I came up with a garlic green tea recipe as well.


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The Snack Report: Chobani Green Tea Greek Yogurt

A couple of weeks ago I was at the grocery store buying yogurt to make tzatziki sauce for our Souvlaki Gyro Pizza.  While in the yogurt section something caught my eye – green tea infused yogurt.  Since green tea is one of my go-to teas to drink, I found this idea very interesting.  It’s not an entirely novel idea to mix green tea with a dairy product, since green tea ice cream is a thing, but considering that yogurt has its own unique tangy flavor, it seemed different enough to give a try.  Since it happened to be on sale, I bought it, and I finally got around to eating it for breakfast the other day.  So how did green tea yogurt taste?


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Quick Recipe: Raspberry Tea

With the weather getting shitty once again, it’s time for everyone to resume drinking tea for the season. I’m a big fan of experimenting with herbs and fruits to make tisane, the fancy word for any tea that is made from a plant that’s not officially in the tea family. Recently our raspberry plants had their Fall crop, and so I decided to use them, since raspberry tea already exists. As long as you know your plant isn’t poisonous, you can have a lot of fun testing out different teas. This particular tea calls for raspberries and leaves from the plant. If you or someone you know has them, you can do it pretty easily. Alternately if you live near a farm, get some there. The leaves themselves have a fresh, astringent taste to them. If you don’t have access to raspberry leaves, you can likely use any number of similar herbs like mint or sage, and just up the fruit count a few berries to compensate.

Fun fact, apparently raspberry tea is good for menstrual pain cramps and other abdominal discomfort. So if you’re looking for home remedies, give this a shot. (Iiiiiii really can’t speak from personal experience on that one. Sorry.)



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Tea Time: Garlic Tea

Despite the way it looks outside spring is around the corner, which means we’re in the last stretch of cold and flu season.  Hopefully you’ll be lucky and make it out germ free.  But if you happen to find yourself with a late season cold, garlic tea is a great way to help reduce the symptoms of your illness and perhaps even help you get over it faster.   Before you go running away at the thought of drinking garlic, let me assure you that the garlic flavor is mild, and that it actually tastes similar to lemon tea.

Trust him, he's a doctor.

Trust him, he’s a doctor.

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