The Snack Report: Chobani Green Tea Greek Yogurt

A couple of weeks ago I was at the grocery store buying yogurt to make tzatziki sauce for our Souvlaki Gyro Pizza.  While in the yogurt section something caught my eye – green tea infused yogurt.  Since green tea is one of my go-to teas to drink, I found this idea very interesting.  It’s not an entirely novel idea to mix green tea with a dairy product, since green tea ice cream is a thing, but considering that yogurt has its own unique tangy flavor, it seemed different enough to give a try.  Since it happened to be on sale, I bought it, and I finally got around to eating it for breakfast the other day.  So how did green tea yogurt taste?


It was pretty yummy.  The flavor was fairly subtle, but was indeed there.  It had that slight grassy flavor that most green tea infused things have.  In my experience it’s one of those flavors that you either enjoy or hate.  The flavor is subtle, but still there.  So if you haven’t enjoyed green tea infused things in the past, you probably won’t like this yogurt.  However, if you are a fan of green tea, I’d say give it a try.

I found the yogurt to be not quite as thick as other Chobani yogurts I’ve had in the past.  I’m not sure if that’s due to the green tea, or if it was just because the one I had was on the tail end of its sell by date.  It was fine after giving it a good stir, just not the thickest greek yogurt around.  After some initial tastes, I ended up adding some granola to it, but that’s just because I almost always add granola to my breakfast yogurt.  I like having something to chew.  It was tasty with the granola too, though the granola did almost overpower the green tea flavor.


So to summarize: if you like green tea and yogurt, you’ll probably this yogurt.  If you don’t like green tea, you probably won’t like this.  If you’re not sure if you like it or not, I’d say give it a try.  Both green tea and yogurt can be pretty beneficial to your health, so I’d say it’s worth giving it a shot.  It says on the package that it’s a limited batch, so I’m not sure how long it’s going to be around in stores.  So I guess don’t dilly-dally in buying it if you want to try it.

Should you try Chobani Green Tea Greek Yogurt?



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