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Quick Valentine’s Day Recipe: Easy Nutella Crepes!

Every year, millions of couples flock about trying to make dinner reservations at fancy restaurants and eateries, all to play the Valentine’s game. Yes, the setting may be nice, and it’s nice to have someone bring food to your table, so you and your mate can focus on the mushes, but what if you couldn’t get that reservation? What if you’re just plain poor? Or alternately, what if you just want to make something at home to keep Valentine’s Day special? Well PCFG has you covered! Today we’re gonna go over one of the easiest “fancy” recipes you can make for that special someone, while seeming like a total whizz. And best of all, odds are that you already have everything to make it! So pull up a chair, and let’s look at making some delicious, chocolatey crepes!



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PCFG Gives Four Practical, Cheap, Easy Tips For Losing Weight!

So it’s no secret that America is really really fat. I know it, you know it, we’re all aware of it and yet the problem gets worse and worse every year. Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with being a tiny bit overweight, and fat-shaming is bad. That said, trying to lose weight when you’re heavy, is a good thing, and millions of people struggle to try and lose weight every single day, to no avail. There’s eight billion different diets and weight loss programs out there, but personally, we here at PCFG are not fans of wonky regimens and huge, sweeping changes to diet. Both Meg and I have had to worked on losing weight at one point or another in our lives, so we’ve been there before. At the same time, we’re absolutely not dieticians or doctors, so any advice we offer is merely simple, practical advice for any of our readers. Food is slammin’! But so is self control! And obviously balance is the key.

Yes, it's this picture again.  We'll try to get a different one up soon, promise.

Still though, food is pretty damn important.

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PCFG Is Off For A Week! Sorry For No Posts!

As you can see, no new posts on PCFG this week unfortunately! Our deepest apologies if you were really looking forward to one. We’re still working on the site’s next relaunch, pending a super srsbiz meeting between Meg and I. Don’t sweat it though, Summer is right around the corner! And with summertime comes our awesome, mid-year posting schedule which includes both a new recipe and a Smoothie Sunday post every single week!

Until then, we leave you with the following question: is this a picture of one of our butts?

Dough butt.

Happy Birthday Poor Couple’s Food Guide!

From the beginning, cooking and food has been a big part of me and Erik’s relationship.  A year ago this week we decided to start a blog about it.  What started as wacky experiments in pizza in the form of Pizza Lab has now expanded to 6 categories with lots of recipes and reviews.  We had a slow start, but our audience has been growing, and will hopefully continue to grow.  We really want to thank those of you who have been with us from the beginning and for the support from our friends and family.  And of course we’re also always grateful for new readers and new fans.  You all mean a lot of us.  Every comment or like helps us feel like we’re making a difference.  So thank you everyone! 

There’s some other big things coming soon for Poor Couple’s Food Guide, so keep an eye on the Facebook page!

This picture may be hint...

This picture may be hint…

Midnight Snack – Chocolate Pudding

Midnight Snack is a recurring column focusing on “food for couples” so to speak. Its discussion may hint towards the use of foods during romance and intimacy, and though it contains nothing sexually explicit, reader discretion is still advised. And by all means, DO try this at home, folks.

Of all the foods associated with romance and lovers, none can compete with the almighty chocolate. Known for its ability to release endorphins in your body and generally taste freaking awesome, there’s a pretty large consensus on the planet that chocolate is wonderful! And this is all coming from me, a self-professed not-that-big-a-fan of chocolate. I enjoy it and it’s yummy, but I’m not the kind of person who can literally eat it all day while simultaneously losing it, at the thought of doing so. My point s that even those amongst us who don’t particularly obsess over the divine fruit of the cacao plant will still admit it’s very tasty, and will enjoy some good-quality chocolate with the best of ’em. But no, you probably think you know where I’m going with this article, being a Midnight Snack post, and thus about romance and such. However an entry about covering your lover in melted chocolate is far too easy and predictable (as predictable as a food-romance-crossover column can be). Rather, the two of us wouldn’t settle for plain old chocolate, but instead for the more, in some ways infantile, in some ways lavish, chocolate pudding.

Everyone, start your best Bill Cosby impressions. We know you got 'em.

Everyone, start your best Bill Cosby impressions. We know you got ’em.

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