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Pizza Lab #32: Nacho Pizza

I think we can all agree that nachos (real nachos, not the kind from 7-11 that are just chips with fake cheese poured over them) are delicious.  But they can be a bit messy to eat.  Your hands can get dirty, and you can drop toppings anywhere along the trip between the plate to your mouth.  Well, what if I told you that we have found a way to make nachos less messy to eat, but still just as delicious?  Impossible you say?  Nothing is impossible with the power of…pizza!  That’s right.  We combined nachos and pizza and came up with both the neatest nachos you’ve ever eaten, and also one of the yummiest pizzas.

We’ve been on a bit of a nacho kick lately here at PCFG headquarters ever since we discovered how easy it is to make homemade tortilla chips.  That’s mainly where the inspiration for this pizza came from.  There are some challenges, and always some risk when combining a food that stands on its own with another (lest we forget the Chinese food pizza, which to this day is probably our least successful pizza lab).  But after some careful planning we decided on the best approach to this pizza, and it ended up working really well!


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We Can Do It Better: Chicken Nachos

Confession time: late night half-price appetizers at Applebee’s are a bit of a guilty pleasure for us.  Well, maybe not so much a pleasure…it’s something we’re guilty of doing sometimes when it’s starting to get late and we haven’t made dinner yet.  We usually get nachos to share and then our own things.  In case you hadn’t noticed by now, Erik and I don’t eat beef, so instead of the Chili Cheese Nachos we get the Nachos Nuevos (which are chicken nachos), that used to be their own menu item but aren’t anymore so you have to ask for them special.

In general they’re pretty good.  But they can also be rather hit or miss.  Sometimes there’s hardly any chicken, sometimes the cheese is barely melted.  Worst of all, one time there was literally piles of salt on the chips.  The result is that we usually end up regretting our decision, since it results in being thirsty and bloated the rest of the night.  Finally we decided that we could do this better on our own.  And we did.


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