Pizza Lab #45: Savory Maple Apple Pizza

September is kind of a weird month.  Half of it is still summer, then the other half is fall.  One day you’re still enjoying hot dogs and corn on the cob, and then the next pumpkin has taken over the world.  Since we made this pizza in the latter half of the month we decided to go with a slightly more fall-themed pizza.  An obvious choice was pumpkin, but we’ve already done two pumpkin themed pizzas, both sweet and savory, so we weren’t quite ready to revisit that yet.  Apple was the next main fall flavor to come to mind.  We’ve used apple on pizzas before as well, but not on a savory pizza, so that seemed like a good place to start.


What followed was a scrambling trying to figure out what else to put on the pizza other than apple to make sure it stays savory and didn’t turn into a dessert pizza.  Chicken was a given since pretty much all of our savory pizzas have chicken, though we still had to figure out how to season it.  We eventually landed on a garlic spice blend that gave the chicken a roasted chicken flavor without the long cooking time (it also somehow sent us into a fit of coughing while it cooked, which is still a mystery.  But it tasted good!).



We needed something other than just apple and chicken, so we decided to add some onion and sage.  We sautéed the apples and onions in butter to soften them up before putting them on the pizza.  We still needed something to serve as a sauce, and while we were trying to make sure the pizza didn’t end up sweet, we settled on maple since maple is another fall flavor.


And of course we topped the whole thing with cheese – a combination of mozzarella and cheddar.


So how’d it turn out?  It was pretty good.  The flavors all blended well and it tasted like something you’d eat in early fall.  It wasn’t mind-blowing like Ice Cream Pizza, but it was still yummy.  The main problem with this pizza was the lack of focus, which was entirely our fault and not the pizza’s.



Overall Rating:

Late September in Pizza Form


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