The Snack Report: Breyer’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream

Hot on the heels of last week’s ice cream extravaganza, we’ve yet another frosty, creamy delight of a post for you all. There’s only a month left in Summer, and yet so many ice creams to eat… Though to be perfectly honest, I’m not really tethered to foods and times of the year. I have soup and hot cocoa and tea during the summertime if I’m feeling it, and sometimes I can’t help but crave a nice sundae during the dead of January. Unfortunately, most people consider ice cream season to mostly come to an end once October hits, so that’s why we’re trying to cram all our ice-cream-centric posts into this final stretch of Summer. Today we’ve got a fairly unique flavor, Salted Caramel.





Salted caramel, as a concept, is weird. Caramel has always had that sorta sweet/salty zing to it, in most forms of caramel. But a few years ago, someone decided “Let’s add extra salt to the caramel.” and suddenly it was everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the flavor of salted caramel, but it’s just kind of irritating how a minor adjustment to an already-favorite treat shot it up to instant trendy status.

Fortunately, the above aside, this ice cream actually does a really great job of capturing the flavor of caramel. The carton states the ice cream itself is supposed to be “salted” caramel flavored, but really it just tastes like regular caramel… and that’s just okay! To be honest, part of the charm of salted caramel is that you usually only consume it in small bites. I’m in no way anti-salt, but even I’ll admit that consuming copious amounts of large sea salt chunks en masse isn’t the greatest of ideas. Let’s be real here, too. Would anyone really be that stoked about eating salty ice cream?


Aside from the really strong caramel flavor of the ice cream, it also features swirls of actual salted caramel. See now, they nailed it here, since as I mentioned, salted caramel is always great because it’s eaten in small quantities. Swirling it in as little ribbons (as you can see above) works out really swell. They give you that little bit of a salty-sweet jolt, without being overpowering. And what’s best is that the caramel stays relatively soft compared to the rest of the ice cream, which basically makes it feel like you freshly stirred caramel sauce right into your bowl.


I recommend eating it with hot fudge, since, well, I’d recommend eating almost any ice cream with hot fudge. But also on top of that, the caramel flavored ice cream makes for a really interesting dynamic you rarely see in desserts: chocolate is the supporting role to caramel, not the other way around. Most of the time you see caramels, it’s in a pretty even ratio to chocolate, or even more chocolate than caramel. Chocolate is almost always the dominant flavor. In this situation though, it gets reversed. You have a shit-ton of caramel flavor, basically an entire bowl of caramel flavor, with a little bit of chocolate sauce added into it. It’s incredibly unique and incredibly awesome.

Chocolate or no chocolate, this is really a God Tier ice cream. It’s one of the best I’ve eaten in a long time. The only way I could see someone not liking it is if they dislike caramel. Though really, if someone dislikes caramel, they probably are the kind of crab-ass misers that don’t enjoy ice cream period, so I feel that point is fairly moot.


Should you eat Breyer’s Salted Caramel Ice Cream?



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