Poor Couple’s Food Guide is Now on Youtube!

Some of you may be wondering what’s up with PCFG lately. Infrequent scheduling, a lack of our weekly quick-recipe posts, and not a ton of updates in general, both on the site and on our Facebook page. Well, we’ve teased it long enough, so we’re pleased to announce the official Poor Couple’s Food Guide’s Youtube channel!

This channel is our latest endeavor from us to provide all our fans with cool, new content that gives you a new way to experience our tips, tricks, recipes, and other general info from the blog. With over 10,000 average monthly views, PCFG has never been bigger or better! What’s more is that beyond this, we’ve got some bigger surprises in store as well! For now, why not head over to our channel and support us by Subscribing? Here’s our first video ever!

As a quick rundown, here’s what you can expect to see from us on Youtube:

  • Pizza Lab – We’ll be sure to showcase some of our favorite pizza labs, that we’ve made. Though brand new pizzas will always appear on the site first.
  • How To Make Recipes – Standard, run of the mill recipe videos from yours truly. Think of these as the Youtube equivalent of quick-recipe posts.
  • Cheat Codes – Our beloved Cheat Codes section, filled with tips and tricks, will provide nifty advice and tutorials in video form.
  • Quiet Cooking – Want to just kick back and relax to some nice, peaceful kitchen sounds? These vids are up your alley. And hey, you may learn something while watching them too!

While we’re not set on a concrete video schedule, we’d like to aim to get up at least two videos per month, maybe even more depending on popularity. We may also expand to even more video formats if the channel is successful enough. But that depends on you. Support us by subscribing, liking our videos, and most important of all, sharing our videos on social media! We appreciate every time one of our fans recommends us to someone else, and we’re always open to suggestions/requests. If not, we absolutely hope you enjoy this new way to access PCFG and promise to keep making awesome stuff for our awesome fans.


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  1. Now that you’ll know what we sound like, you can read our posts in our voices in your head!


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